First Scans Of God Eater For PSP

"New title from Namco Bandai. Seems to be a third person coop focused shooter judging by the screens in the scans. Some quite ridiculous looking weapons"

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typikal824377d ago

I'll never understand why people call a picture of something a SCAN.

rockleex4377d ago

Didn't expect this art style and gameplay from Namco.

ThanatosDMC4377d ago

Looks like they're gonna try to copy Monster Hunter's success on PSPs. I agree, those pictures arent scans but pictures taken by a camera.

Chubear4377d ago

Uhm, look Monster Hunterish. Hey, if this gets to be a PS3 titles too then... uhmmmm..

Meryl4376d ago

this looks sweet, whilts lookin like mh, it does seem to hve its own identity as well, lets just see how this one works out