Call of Duty 3 Video Interview with Gameplay Footage

This video posted on has an interview with some people in charge of making call of duty 3, and has many in-game clips. The video is seven minutes long.

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MONTY 1875806d ago

cant wait, the gameply looks really smooth and sexy!!

Gamer135806d ago

Dam i will be getting this game.

amrasmord5806d ago

nice, its a launch title, i didnt know that

amrasmord5806d ago

this is the 1st war game ive seen that has the Canadian army. Go Canada!

MONTY 1875806d ago

lol, good point. i wonder how blood thursty canadians are?

amrasmord5805d ago

actually, we are pretty blood-thirsty its just that we drink with a straw. lol :P

Marriot VP5806d ago

i don't like cod2 and cod3 being only a year apart because you miss out on quality like EA does. Looks great but doesn't look as cutting edge as I'd expect.

MONTY 1875806d ago

probably to get one out for ps3!

shotty5805d ago

They were made by 2 different developers, thats why they released within 1 year.

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The story is too old to be commented.