GamesRadar: Katamari Forever Preview

What began as a quirky cult hit has now grown into a big franchise, as the Katamari series continues to expand just like its trademark sticky-ball. After a recent appearance on 360 in Beautiful Katamari, the Prince and King of All Cosmos are coming back to a Sony platform in the PS3-exclusive Katatmari Forever.

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Gman-wins3488d ago

Is this going to be Playstation network game or require a disk?

lagoonalight3488d ago

I'm going to seriously hope this is 30 dollars or less PSN.

At 60 and disc this game would be suicide.

As it is one of my favorite games updating to 1080p is just glorious but at 60 dollars I would never drop the money. I don't pay the full 60 for any game.

Cajun Chicken3488d ago

It seems to be a disc game. Y'know I never really thought about it not being a PSN game.