Interview: Unbound Saga's Senior Producer,Mike Kennedy (2dx)

2dx writes:
"Interviews can be unpredictable beasts. One may suffer from incessant marketing speak, while the next may be littered with all manners of awesome – - the latter is the category in which I place the words of Mike Kennedy, senior producer of Unbound Saga, the upcoming PSP brawler. There are three things that you should keep with you long after reading this:

* Modern gaming's deep control schemes may be an impediment to fun
* Unbound Saga, in a way, is much like bubble wrap
* Repetitive gameplay isn't necessarily a bad thing when well-crafted.

The beat 'em up genre seems to have entered a mini-renaissance as of late with the upcoming releases of Turtles in Time and The Warriors: Street Brawl, not to mention that titles released on Virtual Console, PSN, and XBLA. What do you think has been the genesis of this re-awakened interest in brawlers, and how will Unbound Saga separate itself from the pack?

Mike Kennedy: This could be wholly my own theory, fulla chunky gobs of nonsense and hair, but I believe gamers are getting tired of frustration and complexity. Counter-parry-reversals and stick-down-left-Punch-Punch-Back-Forward controls only serve to make the game LESS FUN. Why you gotta make me use my brain meat on this? I wanna watch bad guys flop around under my fist and feet, I don't wanna get bogged down by the frame-specific windows of reaction animations and AI enemies that make me embarrassed to be a warm-blooded human being. That to me is what made brawlers so magical: simple controls..."

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