Earn double exp on Gears 2 this weekend

According to a recent post on the EPIC forums by Gears of War 2 Executive Producer Rod Fergusson, you will be able to earn double experience when playing Gears 2 the weekend of July 4th. As an added bonus...

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cRaZyLeGs 933394d ago

I haven't touched Gears 2 in ages. I'll Give it a try this weekend.

ChampIDC3394d ago

I've been meaning to give it another try recently, too. I haven't played since the first major title update. I actually have a day off work this weekend for once, so I should have some time away from my usual evening TF2 shenanigans on PC.

3394d ago
HQLocated1113394d ago

Ok good. Now if only I could get Gears of War 2 matchmaking to work.....

androctonvs3394d ago

I bought the Special Edition (for a cheap price), after having sold the regular one for being upset with the matchmaking, and it's still the same crap.

GiantEnemyCrab3394d ago

The longest I've had to wait is 5min and this is the most extreme case. Usually it takes all of 1 minute.

Tarasque3394d ago

Do you get double Xp for sitting in matchmaking screen? Seems to me that is where i spent most of my time, which was a short period maybe have 1 hour locked up in Gears 2 multi. Gears 2 is about as bad as MGO.

HQLocated1113394d ago

Same here and I get a disagree lol Some days the matchmaking doesn't work And other days when it DOES work I have to wait about 2 minutes for it to find a match then when I do get into a match everybody quits. WTF!


Da**M Fu** I hate this the thunder burned my Internet Cards for both my PC and Xbox 360 (E76) Brought a new one for PC but need to send my Xbox to Germany for 2-3 weeks :( No Gears of War 2 double XP for me then *Cries like a baby*

Gears_of_War_33394d ago

And they wont solve it so im waiting for GoW3...

Now i will be playing all the other games , i wont put Gears 2 in my drive again...

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The story is too old to be commented.