The Portable Gamer Review - Emergency Dangerous: Fire Fighter for iPhone

TPG writes: "When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be a firefighter. It looked like the coolest job in the world. You got to drive in a huge red fire truck, shoot down a fire pole and rescue cats from trees. As I grew older, I found out that firefighters had to go in burning buildings where they could hardly see and suffer extreme temperatures, and possibly not make it out. I instantly decided that an office job would be much, much better for me. And so we come to the nearest that I will ever be a firefighter (unless you count the time I rescued a cat from a tree), and most likely the nearest you'll ever get too: Emergency Dangerous: Fire Fighter on the iPhone."

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wondroushippo3449d ago

That name makes no sense. "Emergency Dangerous?" Still...kind of awesome. Also love the art style similar to The Behemoth's stuff.

roblef3449d ago

Is that like Yahoo Serious? Perfect name.

wondroushippo3449d ago

"Yahoo Serious Festival - I know those words, but that sign makes no sense." - Lisa Simpson

supercharger51503449d ago

Interesting, from the graphics it kinda looks like a tower defense. I'm more interested now seeing that it's a time management.

roblef3449d ago

Tower defense is KINDA like time management. Sort of. Maybe.

wondroushippo3449d ago

BTW, have you seen the art from their next game? It's apparently the craziest rock-paper-scissors game ever: http://forums.toucharcade.c...