GameSpot: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Review

GameSpot writes,
"...this game's strong narrative and high production values make it an almost cinematic experience. Add to that its exciting gameplay, and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood becomes the ideal sequel--one that is an improvement over the original in almost every way. Though the game is marred by its short length and weak enemy AI, those looking for a fun and different shooter experience shouldn't have any hesitation about biting the bullet and taking a ride with the McCalls."

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Charlie26884407d ago

Sounds pretty good, I find it interesting that based on the review (text and video) the reviewer seems to like it a LOT and the score should be at least an 8.5 O.o

Campy da Camper4407d ago

I have been waiting for this game for a while now. It really is pretty sweet. The graphics are not Dead Space or Uncharted but the art design is top notch. I feared the vast openess of the South would be plain jane grass but it's not. Great mountains, rivers, corn fields...

The shooting is just a hoot. From the quick draw boss to the posse after your ass. It's such a breath of frest air to not have ANOTHER FPS based in the future....such a rich past America has and this game really nails the ambeiance, lifestyle and attitude of a couple centuries ago....It's games like this and Ratchet and Clank that are known to be good games but somehow fail to make the front page.

If you like a good western, not dumbed down for teens, pick it up. And this coming from a dedicated renter...

VanHalen4407d ago

Me and a friend of mine that lives out in AZ and me in CA have been playin this game nonstop online and having a blast. Posse mode is great and alot of other cool modes too. Its the best western game hands down. Its rare when a game like this comes around. If youre into FPS games and are interested in the old west then look no further. I have all the blockbuster hit games and must say this is the most fun ive had with an online game hands down. No lag, its fast paced and an absolute blast to play. Got it for PS3 cuz i dont pay for online as im not much into online, but had to with this game. Go get it, you wont be dissapointed! Great job Ubisoft, you got this western right!

TheIneffableBob4407d ago

You should be thanking Techland--they're the developers.

psycho3604407d ago

"You should be thanking Techland--they're the developers. "

Unless you're a single console owner and have the dumbed down version.

themyk4407d ago


just let people enjoy the game. nobody needs you spoiling the game for them.

how about you jackass fanboys just play a game for once. and let everybody else play the game.

jeseth4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

He is so used to playing multiplats instead of incredible exclusives for the past year. Don't be mad at him it's all he knows. Ubisoft is really one of the few devs that are consistantly pumping out amazing looking games on all platforms.

I can't wait for this game, picking it up tomorrow. I have a ton of vacation time at work and I'm gonna take tomorrow and Monday off to maximize the amount of cookouts, partying, and festivities I can take in this weekend. Can't wait, since finishing infamous twice for the platinum I have been playing Fight Night and Battlefield but I've had my eye on this game for a while.

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na2ru14407d ago

on commercial breaks.

zagibu4407d ago

...after its price has dropped. I won't pay 50 bucks for 6 hours of fun.

Britney Spears4407d ago

looks really boring.zzzz...