Blizzards Response to No Lan Support For Starcraft 2

Many gamers have been heated when the confirmation broke out yesterday about Starcraft 2 not supporting lan. So furious that over 7,000 fans have signed a petition to Blizzard to add Lan support. Today, Blizzard reps have made a few posts defending their decision and addressing concerns fans may have.

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ruibo3423d ago

Blizzard has yet to really disappoint me but can't say the same about Activision.

Secondly, an internet connection going down or lagging is 10x more likely than power going out and 100x more likely than a blackout!

Nikuma3423d ago

I would love to say blizz has yet to disappoint me but the way they ruined a once wonderful game (WoW) is really unsettling...

Thugbot1873423d ago

Really dispointed, bad enough we had to wait over 10 years for a game we all love and supported, to only get the back seat to WOW.

tilamiles3423d ago

I've always had crappy bnet experience in the past, especially with the original SC. I hope bnet 2.0 won't be the same.

jdktech20103422d ago

You don't think in the 4+ years (not really sure how long it's been) that techonological advances haven't occurred? I'm sure it will be fine. Blizzard wouldn't do this unless they had full confidence in 2.0

OrganicMachine3423d ago

still happy about pirating games?

silencedisturber3423d ago

I think it would do Blizzard better, by trusting their community. They have a huge community to build upon (especially with the SC-community). Removing LAN could, and partially did, come off as disrespecting this community. And I sincerely hope this community will respond well in the end, since those will probably be the first ones who'd buy the game. This could affect Blizzard possibly even more.

Now, I understand developers and publishers need this gigantic profit, to work on other quality projects. But the way Blizzard deals with this problem with SC2, looks to me as a step backwards (just as EA did with RA3-Coop). Good games as Starcraft 2 (which it no doubt will be) will always sell, not at least thanks to die-hard fans of various series and devs. Removing LAN will mostly effect them who love you the most.

Nevertheless, the way I see it, this could be a very dynamite show!

El_Colombiano3423d ago

You =/= PC Gamer


You = Young little kid

Starcraft is the most refined and simply best RTS game I have EVER played. Nothing comes close. You obviously don't like RTS games to not like Starcraft.

Rainne3422d ago

I love RTS however I never did like StarCraft either. I have the game but I stopped playing after a week. But who knows, maybe SC2 will do the trick for me.

STK0263422d ago

yeah, because SC is the be all end all of PC gaming right?
It never crossed your mind that not everyone likes RTS in the first place, and that SC is a rather basic one (when compared to more complex ones like CoH to name one).

Also, some people, like me, preferred the CnC RTS over SC and Warcraft. Same goes for AoE.

kwicksandz3422d ago

Total annihilation > star craft.

more refined gameplay? GTFO

and it and the spiritual sequel sup com both support LAN ^^

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Nihilism3423d ago

isn't it just great to see that 7000 obsessed ( and obviously legitimate fans and no doubt first day buyers of starcraft)'s pleas have fallen of ears that aren't dear but are stuffed with wow money, there are many ways around piracy...activation with an activation key that you get online after registering your cd key (and checks if the cd key is registered to another person) examples being dead space, far cry 2, i'm yet to see reports of a keygen for that, and you can revoke your activation key whenever you like.

taking a major part of an rts game out is wrong

dktxx23422d ago

Cd keys have been around forever. They protect against nothing.

Google is all you need and any crack you want is a click away.

Nihilism3422d ago

i said ACTIVATION key which is obtained with your cd verifies online. and yes everything has a crack, drm, and i'm sure someone will create a way to make LAN possible, but why should someone else have to when it should be available

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