Spawn Kill Review: Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island

The Herp of Spawn Kill writes:

"Big Surf Island gives gamers a new way to experience Burnout Paradise. This stunt driven island will have you catching huge air, hitting multiple barrel rolls and doing things you've never been able to do before. The new content offers a brand new island set across from Paradise City and includes 15 new events, 12 new Roads to Rule, 75 Island Smashes, 45 Island Billboards to crash through, 15 Island Mega Jumps to hit, 10 new Freeburn Challegnes, 12 new night and day Bike Road Rules and 9 brand new cars. Having put tons of hours into Big Surf Island I can safely say this is the best DLC given to us from Criterion Games and is definitely worth the $12.99 price tag."

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