A Definitive Look At Valve

The article provides an informative, if somewhat biased account of Valve's early years up to the present. It raises interesting points like how the most successful of Valve's games originally started as mods, which is a testament to how flexible the Source Engine is in creative hands. Also interesting is the fact that most of the games are developed by third party developers and then hired/purchased.

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clixx333493d ago

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time to write such a well-thought out article. Secondly, I completely agree with your issues on L4D2. I really don't see the point in having sunlight...all it will do is ruin the dark and gloomy feel the original game had. Also, it's going to cause many limitations...such as visibility of special infected like you mentioned. And I'm guessing that they're just going to put the witch in the dark rooms of the game...if there are any. If you recall, she don't like light much.

Pandamobile3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

How can you not like Valve?

They've changed the gaming industry so much in the last 12 years.

And don't "baaawwwwww" about their console support. If you want to play a Valve game, you know where to do it.

They paved the way for digital distribution and you expect them not to use a system they created for one of its main purposes? You think Games for Windows users get pissed when Xbox Live gets a huge update?

kwicksandz3493d ago

Valve + Steam + TF2 = FTW

locos853493d ago

Valve is overrated. I never liked half-life, and L4D is just an average shooter. But of course this is all a matter of opinion.

Anon19743492d ago

Remember when Valve inked a partnership deal with ATI, and suddenly Nvidia cards weren't good enough for Halflife 2, despite every other developer on the planet having no problems coding their games for Nvidia. Not even a mention of this debacle in the article, or for Valve's tactics when dealing with companies they're affiliated with..*coughMicrosoftcough* compared to companies they aren't affiliated with.

San Frandisco3493d ago

yup,PC my friend.. the better version.

mal_tez923493d ago

My computer is fairly decent, but is always outperformed by my PS3.
That is, except for the Orange Box. I traded in the PS3 version after about a month because it sucked so hard, but I enjoy the PC version after a much longer time.

-MD-3493d ago

Depends on the Valve game really.

Half life = either works fine
Team Fortress 2 = PC all the way
Left 4 Dead = either works fine.

jessupj3493d ago

I can admit they've made some amazing games and are very talented, but I won't "baaaawwwwwww" as long as you can admit valve are lazy arrogant fanboys that because of their childish hate for the ps3 have lost a lot of potential net profit, not to mention a lot of people's respect.

Like I said, I can admit they're talented but I also agree with my negative comments. If you disagree please reply with an actual logical and well thought out rebutal and argue me wrong.

table3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

people are actually disagreeing when you say that the PC is the best place to play valve games.


come on man. valve arn't fanboys. they just look for the most profit with the smallest amount of work... hence the article really. I doubt that they lost a lot of respect just for not developing on the ps3. As San Frandisco said, PC is the place to play their games anyway.

Ryudo3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

From what I heard from most of the Valve community is that Valve asked Sony for development support. Sony didn't seem interested with helping Valve out so Valve simply flipped them the middle finger which is fair enough.

Valve have a lot of thank Microsoft for if that is seen as some as being a Fanboy that's fine. But please don't act that Kojima doesn't do the same thing to Microsoft because he's a Sony Fanboy.

I don't see you calling him an arrogant prick although he's just as bad as Valve is this regard if not worst considering Microsoft never told him to get stuffed like Sony did to Valve. Having a Metal Gear Avatar then calling Valve lazy arrogant fanboys makes you a hypocrite.

Valve is Microsoft's shining Fanboy

Kojima Is Sony's Fanboy Hero

I remember kojima in spitting his dummy out of the pram because he didn't like the current direction Metal Gear was heading AKA to the 360. Kojima's loyalty's lie with Sony Valve's lie with Microsoft and to be honest its cool. It shows there both working hard to make great games for the consoles they love. Don't discredit ether like an idiot.

Valve know how to make a Profit the PS3 simply doesn't interest them. There bank statement says there already rich enough without taking risk. If you honestly think you know better then Valve buy the company what the currently worth about a billion? Force them to Develop for the PS3, A billion should be pocket change for you since you clearly know better then Valve about business sense. After all your enraged and posting on N4G simply because you can't play L4D right? You must be some soft of multi billionaire right /sarcasm....

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Cajun Chicken3493d ago

I sort of disagree with most of the content on this article. Except for the recent case of L4D2 (which may still prove to be worth the fast sequel with added features).

I see Valve as a company which takes on projects from the community and develops them with a bigger budget, think about this, how many of the 'Valve' games have actually been free mods originally, then the team bought out and integrated into Valve?

Sure, the mods stop being free, but look at it this way, the creators for the mods are actually being paid, with a lot more technology and funding behind them and I personally think that's a good way to work. It's not like anyone is being ripped off, look at Gary Neuman, he's getting paid now. Besides, how many game developers give the SDK that soon after a game's release?

Although I do agree, its time to get the praising of the actual teams within Valve started. When you think Valve, you think Gabe. Fact is, most of 'Valve's games' have nothing to do with Gabe maybe its time for some type of team division like the way Rockstar have different credited teams in different regions.

Also, Valve have NEVER been interested in consoles, the only reason the 360 has Halflife 2 and the Source engine is because the 360 is so easy to port to from the PC, Valve hardly have to do anymore work. Just my 2 cents.

-MD-3493d ago

I think they're warming up to consoles now though I mean they obviously enjoy the sales the 360 rakes in.

kwyjibo3493d ago

It's a list of petty beefs that he has with the company's decisions. Like lambasting the Orange Box for not offering value. (Who really believes that?)

"Of course what was probably the most defining quality to Valve's Half-Life was the introduction to coherent voice acting and the start of an esoteric plot."
No. It wasn't voice acting, or plot - it was the narrative, the immersion and the AI. It was the whole concept of telling stories within the first person view without breaking it up with cutscenes.

"No, it did not. I'm a firm believer that stories should tell stories, not have the reader make the stories up their selves when left with little to work with."
And the vast majority of people don't believe that. There is a fundamental belief within storytelling of "show, don't tell". This is what Valve have always been doing, everything about the environment within Half-Life 2 shows you the world. The grafiti, the omnipresent citadel, the progaganda screens, the combine architecture and the dissonant combine announcer gives a much richer experience than watching an hour long cutscene telling you what the 7 hour war was about. Best stick to the Dan Brown films I guess.

I can't be bothered to continually quote this guy, but he goes onto slag off Portal as a preview of an anti-climatic tech demo. Portal has never been more than $20, and everyone disagrees with him.


He has some points, obviously. I'm not happy about the L4D2 scenario and Steam used to suck. But I'm also not dressing up my personal opinion as a "definitive look".

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