3GS Showcases Insane Power

appversity writes: "Firemint the developers of Real Racing one of the most highly praised and graphical intense games on the iPhone and iTouch handheld have been playing around with their new 3GS's, and what they have been able to determine is that they just cant believe the power it was providing. They literally couldn't slow it down!"

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LeeZer3489d ago

impressive and changes the feal to the game completely however i'd have been more impressed with weather or more scenic details possably than 40 cars going mad around on a track designed for presice driving.

3489d ago
Dorfdad3489d ago

Yes I agree but you need to know that these 40 cars are all running their own AI hitting each other and changing the game dynamics.

anh_duong3489d ago

i wouldn't call it insane power.

nice power upgrade but insane power is a bit OTT.

Kaneda3488d ago

That is impressive for small handheld.. 40 cars...

3488d ago
PS360WII3488d ago

have to say that is impressive to bad they'll never release this version for 3GS :(

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