Dino Crisis blows out 10 candles "Today, the 1st of July, Dino Crisis is 10 years old. During the past years several Dino Crisis games were released, among them Dino Crisis, Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Crisis 3. The Belgian website 9lives looks back at the history of Dino Crisis."

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rbluetank3449d ago

sony should secure the rights to this game and bring it to next gen... one/two were darn good but three sucked bad...

ShabzS3449d ago

2 was amazing ... leon and regina i think right?.. it was a lot of fun.. the t rex and all ... especially the point system ... to buy weapons and all... even the dino collesium

mastiffchild3449d ago

As was 1(lets just forget that DC3 ever happened,mm'k?). I've said for some time that the time is massively right for Capcom to bring back this franchise and with every new screen of LP2 I get more certain.

I think I'd even prefer a REAL DC3 to a new Onimusha if I'm brutally honest. I also feel, however, that it would have to be on an HD console this time purely for the effect you could get with HD dinos more than anything else-they should look stunning and really imposing.

Plus I wanna see 'em on my new 60"!

Syronicus3449d ago

I would love it if they did a full recreation of the first one but do to it what they did to RE1 for the Game Cube. If they made the game in a similar fasion as the original but with next gen graphics, that would be awesome.

Rainstorm813449d ago

How can it be 10 when the series died years ago?

Tapewurm3449d ago

I think it would be awesome for Capcom to throw the Dino Crisis series up on the PSN so I can throw them on my PSP..... Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil: DC and Medal of Honor have been great on there..... this seems like the logical thing for them to do on the anniversary for the PSN update this Thursday.... /e crosses fingers :)

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jay23449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

OMG, I can remember putting D.C into my PS1.

DarthMoose3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I bought a small sized psOne last year with this game at a comic book store for ten bucks. I have to say that I throughly enjoyed dino crisis 1, the voice acting was by far more bearable compared to resident evil. I haven't played nay of the sequels unfortunaetly but if they were to release the dino crisis games on the psn store in the near future i'll be more than happy to buy them.

rezzah3449d ago

I remember playing the first one, never beat it cause i was too small to finish a game like that. Still I remember the part where you walk into the room and you see the T-rex walking toward for the farside of the room on the other side of the giant window. Eventually he stick his head in and trie to eat you.

thereapersson3449d ago

The puzzles were so much better than the ones in Resident Evil

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