Examining indie games: Bloat

The indie game development scene has been growing in popularity lately. Thanks to developers like Jonathan Blow and the guys over at The Behemoth, independent games have gained a foothold in the mainstream gaming market. There are hundreds of free and cheap games that are plenty of fun to play. In these hard economic times, it is unreasonable to spend $50+ on mainstream titles.

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killyourfm4330d ago

Thanks for shining a light on this game. You know what else I just realized is sweet about indie games? I've never heard of them before, they're a completely new experience. I haven't seen gigabytes of video and screenshots, etc etc...

reluctant_gamer4330d ago

These are the people whose games we should be playing (and supporting). Thanks for stepping up and covering what many game writers/journalists tend to forget about.

dagamdagee4329d ago

I just love how creative and simple this game is. I found myself wanting a full version of this game. I hope something more comes of this.