GCM: inFAMOUS Review

GCM writes: "When I heard that Sucker Punch was coming out with a new game I had all these grand visions of a next-gen Sly Cooper. How wrong could I be and how far has Sucker Punch deviated from the expected norm with their latest release for the PS3, Infamous. Sadly, the game arrives in the midst of the biggest storm of open-world sandbox titles video gamers have seen in a decade. With games like Red Faction: Guerrilla, Prototype, and DLC expansions for Saints Row 2 and GTA4 all vying for their own slice of the market pie Infamous manages to bring one noteworthy trait to the party – PS3 exclusivity."

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dustgavin3394d ago

Nice! I am currently playing this gem and it is an awesome game!

Ravage273394d ago

really didn't expect it to hook me like it did, will go down down as one of the best game this gen for me