David Jaffe tweets about "big internal Sony Dog and Pony coming up next week"

SCRAWL: "Everybody is still waiting on David Jaffe to reveal his next project. However, according a new tweet from the developer, it may not be far off, or at least not far off from ANY game reveal. Jaffe just tweeted a few hours ago that he's heading to "Sony San Diego to capture gameplay footage for a big internal Sony Dog and Pony coming up next week"."

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OGharryjoysticks3487d ago

The most insignificant significant developer in the world. All he does is blog and post videos like people care even though he hasn't really done squat in years. I bet you 100 bucks his next game won't be AAA. That Calling All Cars game was like an old Midway games arcade rip-off and if it's Twisted Metal I bet it's not better than Blur. He needs to apply to Naughty Dog and hope they take him.

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Party Boy3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

David Jaffe is the father of GOW and gave Sony one of the biggest franchises they've had in a long time.

Show some respect. If Jaffe wasn't the lead game designer/ director at that time, Sony Santa Monica would be making Kinetica 3 now.

@socomnick- You have it twisted. David Jaffe was the one who came aboard and created GOW. You ever seen the behind the scenes footage on the GOW 1 disc? Jaffe was the brains behind it all. Greek mythology, drawing inspirations from Ico and Devil May Cry, gameplay mechanics, puzzles etc.

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clixx333487d ago

Please speak louder, we can't hear you.

sunil3487d ago

@ socomnick - He helped start a franchise !! You got to give him that credit

Jaces3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Wow...the trolls are out in full force today.

Anyway back on topic, TWISTED METAL PUULEEEZZZEE!!

Edit: fat?


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Kushan3487d ago

RIP, Caps-lock. We'll miss you!

Party Boy3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

GOW> Gears

And don't give me crap about how they're different genres....

ElementX3487d ago

Let me rephrase. He's a talented d-bag. He thinks he's god's gift to gamers and things everyone cares about his opinions and "insider information" Just look at his picture! What a d-bag, and wearing a Nintendo lanyard

Beast_Master3487d ago

Lol now your just being a fanboy! At least Jaffe knows how to make games that don't involve roided up space Marines. He can make not only great action/adventure titles but apparently can switch gears and make fun Demolition car games, which I will remind you no one else has done sucessfully. You just don't want to give the dude any credit, sorry but anyone that has seen the GOW 1 videos knows that it was all Jaffe's idea. Cliffy was so bad at creating story that he had to hire a professional to write the script for Gears 2 and it still wasn't that great.

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mugoldeneagle033487d ago

I mean, people criticize Jaffe about blogging this or tweeting that. If you don't like it, then why do you read it? Why do you watch it? It's that simple.

Then again it must be you same people that love being fed the same marketing bullshit instead of an honest opinon from someone in the industry. Some of you guys made comments about how you dont see how people could follow Jaffe, when its because of that. I love hearing his insight on things because he's a straight shooter.

Deal with it

ZombieNinjaPanda3487d ago

Snick, Billy Mays Died at day or two ago.

If you really wanted to pay tribute to him, you should have done caps lock then.

Now you're too late.

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SuperM3487d ago

Oh shut up. Jaffe made both Twisted Metal and GOW, how the fu<k does that make him insignificant?

RememberThe3573487d ago

The point of all this is that a new game may be announced next week. That's pretty f*ckin cool.

ElementX3487d ago

You've caught me! I'm a fanboy!

Read my profile. I own only a ps3. I played part of God of War on a roommate's ps2 but I never owned one. I played pc games during that time. I don't like Jaffe's attitude. Seems worse than Cliffy B's. So hate me if you want. I'm entitled to my opinion. I'm not insulting any of you

FlameBaitGod3487d ago

Boy u crazy, DJ is the BOMB

phosphor1123486d ago

If ANY of you fangirls followed his blogs, he has never put himself up on a high horse. In fact, he does the opposite. And regarding to him posting blogs all the time, I think more devs should do that. It makes gaming more personal, its great. Oh, and even though I disagree with Jaffe on this part, his favorite game (fun wise) this gen is Gears of War. So stop trolling.

Syronicus3486d ago

A Heavenly Sword sequel? Can you imagine Heavenly Sword but int he hands of Jaffe? Holy crap that would sing greatness.

rockleex3486d ago

His favorite game is actually tied between MGS4 and Gears of War 2.

phosphor1123486d ago

Actually, no.

MGS4 was his "best video gaming experience"

Gears of War 2 is his "favorite game" to play.

Which makes sense. MGS4 is epic, but it's not the type of game you'd play for fun all the time.

mfwahwah3486d ago

Elementx. You say it's your "opinion" and that you aren't insulting any of us. Well some of us (read: A LOT of us) really respect David Jaffe. You come in here spewing a garbage opinion pretending you know what you're talking about. Don't expect anybody to go easy on you. Even though you say you own a PS3 or something. I didn't quite catch that statement because it's completely irrelevant.

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Autolycus883487d ago

If the game wasn't a Twisted Metal game in some shape or form.

-MD-3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Well it would be an epic letdown if it wasn't as pretty much ALL of his fans (including me) are waiting for a Twisted Metal. This man and this game are the very reason I bought a PS3.

Make it like 2 and black and I'll be satisfied.

RememberThe3573487d ago

Hid company is not internal to Sony, so I have huge doubts that it's one of his games.

Hallucinate3486d ago

above...people are pretty damn stupid
Sony dogs and pony...really you guy cant figure it out...naughty DOG and pophly(sp) PONY

Venatus-Deus3486d ago

"above...people are pretty damn stupid"


Dog And Pony Show: A US slang term referring to a financial seminar that presents new products, i.e. his new game to sony.

PshycoNinja3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

You both could be correct. PD and Naughty Dog both said that they would be announcing the realese dates of there games "soon". And its very possible that they will do it at a press event of some sort where major sites will see and hear it so they can tell everyone.

Edit: @Venatus-Deus David Jaffe said an "internal Sony Dog and Pony". His company Eat Sleep Play is not an internal studio for Sony. Although he has stated may times that while he would like to develop for 360 he has a good relationship with Sony and wouldnt want to develop for anyone else (I put the whole rather work on PS3 then 360 thing in because fanboys will come in saying that Jaffe could and will work on 360, which by his own words, said he wouldn't. Just wanted to clear that up.)

Venatus-Deus3486d ago

What the heck are you talking about???

Jaffe is showing his game off to Sony (it says so on his twitter account). The comment above about ND and Poly is complete bollocks. you just out done it with the 360/ps3 stuff.

And how the hell do you know that jaffe doesn't consider himself to be internal when he has a 3 game deal with sony?

UnwanteDreamz3486d ago

IMO he was referring to the ol dog and pony show. It would be cool if he was being cryptic but I don't think he was.

I have to say that I have been surprised we haven't had a Twisted Metal title to play on the black beast. When I think Playstation TM is one of the first titles that comes to mind.

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Xi3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

is in the same league as denis dyack for douchbag developers. He posts a blog where he swares like mad, and little kiddies love it. Then he goes on rants about insignificant stuff and just ends up looking like an idiot. Just like how he went ape-shiet on reviews because they didn't give calling all cars the greatest game ever award... even though it was a cell damage ripoff...

The_Darkest_Red3487d ago

Is anyone else SO SICK OF HEARING THE WORD TWEET? Man it just really gets under my skin for some reason. 5 years from now 90% of news will be some [email protected] tweet.

I like Jaffe but I don't want to hear what hes saying unless hes SAYING it, not TWEETING it.

-MD-3487d ago

I actually made a twitter account to follow and keep up with him and it's just not cutting it for me... I want some actual blog updates with some actual videos.

Allelujah003487d ago

This whole tritter thing is pissing me off. It's like a scary country wide fad.

I hate you Oprah and the view. >:(

GIJeff3487d ago

i tweeted your mom last night.

Solid_Snake3487d ago

people are mad cause he said he's going to some sony thing next week? how is that being a douche? Isn't that what you're supposed to do on twitter?? post crap, and have people see it?

A lot of jealousy going around.. i see nick is up in arms because he doesn't develop for the 360 lol :-)

he made the sound decision :-D

-MD-3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

He's actually said that hes forced to develop for the PS3 because of a 3 game contract with Sony and he would love to develop for other consoles in the future when the contract is up.

This has nothing to do with the 360 shut up you idiot.

Who disagreed with me? I've been reading the mans blog for over a year go search for it.

Party Boy3487d ago

Yeah. And he said he'd stick with Sony as long as they want him.

He only formed his own company because he wanted to make his own money, not because he wanted to do multiplatform games.

-MD-3487d ago

"He only formed his own company because he wanted to make his own money, not because he wanted to do multiplatform games. "

Exactly my point. He's not going to strike it rich making PS3 exclusives when they can't even break even half the time.

bjornbear3487d ago

I know sales matter to bring food to the table...but video game design is like many don't go into it to make millions, few do. The true and best game designers (indie games any one) strive for the LOVE of making video games.

Industry has made money a need, and video games are turning hollywood. Big budget games are GOOD! Don't get me wrong - but - i think in the end you can take the lesser risk...but you don't because real game dev are about the LOVE of making games =)

Thats what probably kept Jaffe with Sony (he never said he stayed because he HAD to - makes it sound like he's being held hostage =P) its the good relationship between 1st and 2nd party devs Sony has...

fine pays like crap...but the results are worth it =) > bestestest gamez =3

swiftshot933487d ago

forced to develop for PS3? Do you think sony made him sign anything?

btw FYI, Jaffe posted on his blog long ago that calling all cars, a PSN game, built on new engine, was profitable. There you go. JAffe isnt in the minority.

YogiBear3486d ago

No one is forced to do anything when they have signed a contract. I have also been following his blog for awhile.

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