Games That Nobody Plays Any More: Heavenly Sword

It's hard to recall but this was one of the big PS3 releases, drumming up massive E3 excitement over the rolling demo several years ago. On first glance it's just Goddess of War, twin blades twirling, quicktime eventful and featuring an epic, mature, Conan-style fantasy storyline. To be absolutely honest, the first impressions aren't too far off. This is every bit as action-packed as Kratos' journeys, if considerably less gruesome.

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OGharryjoysticks3396d ago

This should have been in one of those red boxes as a Greatest Hit

andron3396d ago

Probably sold better here? I wouldn't mind a sequel/prequel...

chrisnick3396d ago

they need to make second one, first day purchase for me.

cayal3396d ago

Ninja Theory said they aren't interested in doing a sequel. But Sony owns the IP so they may get someone else to do it.

FamilyGuy3395d ago

The only problem with this game was it's length and lack of replay value. Had it been a 20 hour game a sequel would be in stores this year.

FlameBaitGod3395d ago

I play the demo but havent Bought the game, is is GOOD?

40cal3395d ago

Game is awesome.


ABizzel13395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Heavenly Sword was a great game. The only fault to it was the length which was about 6 hours. Also there's no real replay value to it unless you play Hell mode. But Heavenly Sword has one of the best stories in Action games, one of the the best cast out any next gen title, and it's so refreshing to play (It's not so extra gory hack and slash it kind of gives me the same effect Flower does). Heavenly Sword will go down as one of the best 3D Action games of all time to me(action games as in hack n slash not including games like GTA). Again 3D Action games.

1. God of War 1&2
2. Ninja Gaiden Black & Sigma (Hopefully Sigma 2 NG2 had problems)
3. Devil May Cry 3 (1 was good, but 3 was by far the best)
4. Heavenly Sword
5. Onimusha 4 (I don't care what anyone say 4 was the best to me)

Jade Empire would have been number 3, but it's more of an RPG.

Hopefully Sony makes another one and I agree a prequel would be best. If not it will be booted from my top 5. Castlevania with Kojima looks sick, Dante's Inferno, Darksiders, and Bayonetta are all coming for you HS.

Feel free to tell me some other ones that you think should be on my top 5 so that I may update my list or play any games I may of missed.

Knightrid8083395d ago

Its still $60 here in the US, it sucks since I really wanna play it but paying full price for a 2 years old game kinda sucks. Not to mention, I can't find it on shelves in the stores near me anymore.

Snake Raiser3395d ago

Wow it is definitely not $60 in the U.S. I got it like 6 months ago for about 30-40. I thought it was ok-good the whole game....until the END!!! omg The end was awesome. I was like "why was the whole game not like this?" The end made it all worthwhile, but I still really prefer GOW. If they would make a sequel and iron out some of the problems this could be another amazing series of games. We have seen what the potential is at the end of the first game. Now give us a sequel that plays like the end of the game and we have GOW all over again....but with a chick...who is hot...and not....bald.

IdleLeeSiuLung3395d ago

Personally I felt NG2 was at the top due to the deep gameplay and the crazy responsive controls. No other game I have played beats this game in the control department not to mention the insane fast action.

From what I remember, my biggest complaints is the lack of tight controls and worse the unresponsiveness. You will probably disagree, but to me Heavenly Sword is only worth $20 and that is what I paid for it at amazon on sale.

In my opinion, no other games have come close to NG2 in the fine tuning of controls.

ABizzel13395d ago

I wasn't really concerned about Ninja Gaiden 2's gameplay since it's always amazing. But the story was poor, and the occasional hiccup performance wise was completely unexpected (After playing the others I didn't expect any slowdown or anything like that in NG2). I mean the first games story wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad by any means. Ninja Gaiden 2's story was a complete WTF for me.

I need a complete package. Story, Gameplay, Controls, Visuals, Entertainment, Difficulty, and Longevity in my games. I need to get lost in the game and not realize how many hours I've just spent playing it, and God of War has been the only game on the list to do that for me. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was there, but it was basically the same game from the Xbox. Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition is the one I had so I didn't have to worry about breaking a controller. Heavenly Sword got everything right, but Longevity. And Onimusha comes just shy of being great in all the categories.

So I agree with you Ninja Gaiden is the best gameplay wise (even though God of War is more fun), but it doesn't have that effect God of War has had on me.

Knightrid8083395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Yup definitly not close to $60...

Sucks Best Buy doesn't carry the game anymore and never had a good experience shopping at Gamestop.

iamtehpwn3395d ago

about a fine piece of ass

N4Flamers3395d ago

the acting in heavenly sword was just plain down syndrome bad to me. It was terrible and made it hard for me to get into the characters. The main character is ok but everyone else in the game is just ugh freaking nails on a chalkboard. I did like the gameplay all five hours of it, and it was a fun game. These problems they could all just adress in part 2

AAACE53395d ago

I don't care! Heavenly Sword is still on my list as one of the first games I will buy when I get a Ps3! I really hope they make more of them in the future though...

twoface3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I think sony should re-release the game on psn (if possible) at 25-30 bucks. Didn't they do that with need for speed or some other racing game?

Alvadr3395d ago

It is a really good play through but has little replay value, Andy Sirkis does some awesome acting in this.. This game stood out for me because when it was released there was very few quality titles on the PS3 so I ended up playing the hell out of it.

I probably would play through again if they added trophy support. Not going to happen though

Syronicus3395d ago

It is by far one of the best early titles for the PS3 and if you have a PS3 and did not play this one you should. It's one of those games that you will remember, especially the final fight with Bohan (sp?).

JoySticksFTW3395d ago

PSP GOW: Chains was amazing

Who knows if the devs will want to venture onto the PS3. But heck, they could do the sequel on the PSP and I'd still get it!

talltony3395d ago

was so effing awesome just really short. One of the most satisfying boss fights I have ever played! and the best voice acting with a great story. i really did love this game I hope they make a sequel.

himdeel3395d ago

...but I have to chime in. Heavenly Sword has some of the BEST facial animations I've even see in a console game, still to this date. The production value of the game and extras that you unlock while playing are only rivaled by Uncharted:DF for me when considering games that dropped around the same time.

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Lucreto3396d ago

I still play it. I want a Heavenly Sword 2. Hopefully one of Sonys Japanese studios will pick it up.

Serjikal_Strike3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

too bad theres not gonna be a sequel:(

cryymoar3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

they should make a sequel and put optional PS3 motion controls for it using the motion sticks.
i'd love to carve some bad guys' faces!

ABizzel13395d ago

I've played it recently as well. It's a really good game, and scripted so well. Heavenly Sword was the most underrated game this gen.

dragonyght3396d ago

i was thinking da same thing sony own da ip i was wondering why they haven't announce the sequel yet that game had lots of potential im crossing my finger on dat one

DarkBlood3395d ago

maybe when they finish god of war 3 they will let the development team work on that or something lol food for thought

ABizzel13395d ago

I thought the same thing Sony Santa Monica would make it after GOW 3. But it would have been nice to have Heavenly Sword 2 before GOW 3 since GOW 3 isn't coming out until 2010. Well guess we'll have to wait and see.

We need to make a petition letting Sony know we want a Heavenly Sword 2 aka prequel.

cloudkev3396d ago

i liked it thougt it was great.

ToeKneeHaze3396d ago

it was wicked...brought me back to liking hack em and slash ems