Extreme Gamer: The Conduit Review

The Conduit has a lot of eyes peering at its overblown cover art wondering if High Voltage's highly anticipated shooter will live up to the hype. The Conduit is stepping into the FPS market on the Wii which is pretty much a dry town. Except for a few tumbleweeds blowing in now and again, you've come to learn you should only purchase something if it has the little red "Nintendo" logo on the bottom of the box. Well, the Conduit is here breath some life back into the dusty white box sitting your shelve. The Conduit isn't ruptured as it is full of first-person shooting goodness.

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Shnazzyone3400d ago

We need a few more 8's but i guess it is a very "just okay" single player mode. Good thing that rocking multiplayer is there to back it up. While 49.99 might be somewhat steep. It's worth it for the single best Online FPS for the wii controls.