Pachter: PS2 software sales to become 'almost irrelevant' in 2009

Despite the fact that the PS2 saw a sizable price cut just three months ago, Michael Pachter is claiming that the system is nearing the point of complete insignificance. In Wedbush's "2009 Interactive Industry Report," Pachter explains that he expects "PS2 software sales to decline sufficiently (around 64%) to be almost irrelevant to overall software sales growth, with PS2 software comprising less than 4% of overall software sales in 2009."

Sony's probably not ready to give up on its most cost-efficient console, but as history has proven, nothing gold can stay in the fast-paced, constantly evolving world of video gaming hardware.

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TheHater3450d ago

Please do the world a favor and STFU. Everytime you speak anything about video game with your lack of video games knowledge, God Kill a Kitten.

shocky163450d ago

He's always WRONG.

Silly old Patcher. Who the hell pays this goon?

Allelujah003450d ago

When I first saw this guy on the Bonus Round, he made some reasonable predictions. Now though I think his Ego has just gotten to big for him to handle and throws out anything that comes to mind. He really needs to shut up.

Marceles3449d ago

Don't worry guys...this just means sales will become "even bigger!" in 2009, since everything Pachter says is the opposite that happens

Nihilism3449d ago


what do you mean, patcher is not only a brilliant buissinesman but a world renown gaming industry analyst, remember when he said sony would release a playstation3 without a blu ray player......even though all games are on the disks....which would mean the playstation would not work. Some said he was the dumbest person they had ever had the shame hearing about, but the true believers like me saw through the nonsensicle b.s and saw him for his fortitude and wisdom, he will be remembered as one of the great minds of our time

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Cajun Chicken3450d ago

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Motorstorm: Artic Edge

Watch out for the top one, may not be as 'irrevelent' as you think.

Microsoft Xbox 3603450d ago

The only thing that is irrelevant is Pachter.

Lucreto3450d ago

Could be true. GAME near me has stopped selling PS2 games.

xabmol3450d ago

"Blah, blah, give me money, blah, blah."

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The story is too old to be commented.