IGN: The Top 25 Best Wii Games

IGN writes: "Wii is already the best-selling current-generation system in the world. You could say that the Big N finally found that much-talked-about bridge leading into the living room of the casual gamer -- one that it's only just begun to explore. But Wii's rise to the top hasn't been without a few obstacles -- specifically, an onslaught of throwaway software from third-parties desperately hoping to cash-in on the get-up-and-move wave of titles, mini-game-fests and shallow, forgettable experiences. We're not going to try and sugarcoat it: Wii continues to see too many of these types.

Thankfully, though, there are a variety of innovative, fresh and fun titles to be enjoyed on Wii, too. We're talking about the growing list of amazing, AAA-quality games, both from Nintendo and more and more from third-parties. It is precisely with this thought held firmly in mind that we present to you the ultimate roster of Wii titles that you must own at all costs. The Top 25 (in capitals for effect). These are the very best. The cream of the crop. The standouts and the trendsetters. The games that you won't want to stop playing. So we really don't care how you do it. Take on a second job. Sell your car. Beg for money on the streets. Doesn't matter. Just make sure that you own all of these titles so that you may experience the height of Wii gaming".

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Monkeyjr3401d ago

Many great games on this list. Although I am surprised Animal Crossing was not on this list.

Digitaldude3401d ago

25 decent ones, all the rest are horrible.

Cajun Chicken3401d ago

What? No Geometry Wars: Galaxies?!?

Gotta be kidding me, as of yet, that's the game I spend most the time on the Wii with, it's awesome!

Tarasque3401d ago

Thats funny considering i can only think of 5 and that is it, no seriously i am not being sarcastic.