Giant Bomb: The Conduit Review

Giant Bomb writes: "If you're just comparing it to other action games released on the Wii, The Conduit does some interesting things with its control and with its multiplayer modes. But other aspects, like the poor story, bland design, and awful voice acting, would be just as bad on any platform. It's that stuff that drags The Conduit down into an area where it's tough to recommend without providing a boatload of caveats".

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ChickeyCantor3394d ago

" Playing The Conduit requires a Wii Remote and a Nunchuk. The control is pretty intuitive, but it takes time to get used to aiming and turning by pointing at the screen. I probably fumbled around with the aiming control for around half an hour before I started getting comfortable. The game offers a lot of different sliders and options for tweaking the control, but I ended up leaving it alone in the end. The more I changed things, the worse the control felt. " are doing something wrong?...

In anycase, i heard lots of people are enjoying this game, and reading those comments on giantbomb, its just silly to say : After this review i'll pass.

Sure the guy can have his opinion, it is a review after all, but the worst thing is that the Rating emphasizes on the review. People are actually swayed by ratings.

( in any case i do not care for the 2/5, I don't go by ratings)

Smacktard3394d ago

I always find that Giant Bomb has terrible reviews.