Uncharted 2 Over 90 Minutes of Cutscenes

Uncharted is known for its killer gameplay, and of course its cinematic story telling. Much like that of Metal Gear solid. Well Uncharted 2 is going to take that cinematic storytelling to a whole new level with over 90 minutes of cutscenes.

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Greywulf3399d ago

You can skip it if you don't care about the game & the story.

iHEARTboobs3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Well, Nathan's a great character so i'm sure they'll be entertaining and [email protected] It's in no way a bad thing in my eyes.

edit: Yeah, it's definately too much for some games but it'll be fine for Uncharted because Nathan and the rest of the funky bunch are always entertaining.

edit 2: Shocky, that's a [email protected] pm. haha

shocky163399d ago

I'm sure they will be AMAZING, but sometimes 90 minutes is just too much and the story of Uncharted 1 was awesome.. >_>

Ninver3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

@ ^^^

Well that's just the beauty of many ps3 exclusives. They have the production values of a hollywood blockbuster. The story is deep and the entertainment is unmatched. Not to mention the average ps3 owner is between 18 and 35. That reason alone keeps the 12yr old kids on xboxlive.

Thank god the ps3 is priced for the mature aged working gamers.

Edit: @ below, i don't know why he sent you that message. Maybe just friendly competition i hope. Either that or he has a thing for you lol.

shocky163399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Oh and the average age of a gamer is apparently early 30's.

Also if the PS3 userbase is so "mature" then why do I get hate comments like this one -

" 15 minutes ago | By: cahill | Block
hey suck box 360 owner
u would need 2 dvds to hold 90 minute cutscene

even flopza 3 is on 2 discs with just 400 cars "

Ninver3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Hey don't blame me mate. Tell it to the anal-ist's who spoke countless times on the subject.

Edit: @ Murdudolls. Umm that's not possible mate. Regardless the cutscene will part of the games actual length. It tells the story in the game thus being labled "in-game cutscenes".

DasBunker3399d ago

cinematic games FTW.. im sick of shooters with crappy stories and 3 seconds cutscenes

InfectedDK3399d ago

Uncharted 2 =
- Perfect graphics
- Perfect singleplayer
- Perfect online
- Decent story
- Now with a whole movie in it too

-MD-3399d ago

Well if it doesn't cut into the games actual length then fine I'm ok with that.

Madgunner3399d ago

I loved MGS4 for the long cut scene's in fact i more than Welcomed it. im so glad they are going this route with uncharted 2 ... a great move the expand the uncharted franchise and make us care about FUTURE sequels.

Jaces3399d ago

I've always enjoyed Cutscenes, I get a break from some gameplay and at the same time am treated to a CGI quality scene that is funny and intriguing at the same time.

It's better than what I experienced with Prototypes lack of story and cinematic cutscenes.

Microsoft Xbox 3603399d ago


Of course you feel the way you do. You're an xbox fanboy commenting in the wrong section.

jack_burt0n3399d ago

cut out the gameplay from the first uncharted and put it together as a movie and it was a hell of alot better than the last indiana jones movie.

Greywulf3399d ago

(hides on jack burtons truck)

muwuhauahahaha ...


OGharryjoysticks3399d ago

and since it's like watching a CG movie, I say bring it on. Hopefully they make more games with a good story and long cut scenes because it really adds to the emotional involvement of what's going on in the game. Anybody who complains cut scnenes are too long should stick to quick twitch downloadable arcade games, or buy a Wii.

Raf1k13399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

The game won't have cut scenes that last 90 minutes.

All the cutscenes combined will last 90 minutes. For a game as good as Uncharted that's perfectly reasonable IMO especially since their story telling, animations and voice acting are so good.

tuglu_pati3399d ago

90 minutes, cool stuff, Natan is a pretty funny dude, so this cut scenes should be very entertaining.

tonsoffun3399d ago

well, if it's 90 minutes spread over 12 hours of gameplay, then it may not be that intrusive.....

cmrbe3399d ago

This is excellent news. Other devs have started to catch up to what Kojima has been doing for ages.

Well this is excellent news if you are old enough to enjoy a good story and not just shoot and blow up things non stop from the start to the end of a game.

This why i said before that MGS4 is a land mark title. I really do hope that devs will treat gamers with more respect like Kojima has with his MGS games.

Ju3399d ago

Not sure if I should be happy or sad about this. I think the beta gives you a glimpse of how that's meant to be. There are a couple of "seamless" cutscenes in the (co-op) beta. Like when the bus crashes, you climb over that wall, and such. These are all done in game, and basically part of the game - there is no raw cut from game play to cut scene. You just realize the camera moves and takes the "view" out of your hands. But if they add that many, I am afraid that it might break the flow somewhat.

sunnygrg3399d ago

With the jaw dropping settings in the background, would anyone even want to skip the cutscenes, except when you have already completed the game once?

I know I wouldnt.

I_am_rushin3399d ago

Please Sony don't let this masterpiece franchise turn into MGS.

HDgamer3399d ago

You mean don't let it turn into the 5-6 million sales, high quality gameplay and a huge user base? Wow sony don't you even dare to bring out another AAA game or you'll piss I_am_rushin off.

SuperM3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

lol comeon people. its not like its a 90 minute long cutscene, its just 90 minutes spread through the entire game, basically telling us that its probably gonna be a pretty long game. I dont see how that is bad in any way. Besides the cutscenes in Uncharted are about as good as they can get. I'd gladly take 180 minutes of cutscenes or more if it can keep up the quality.

Naughty Dog is one of the best if not the best developer in the world, and here you are questioning wether this is a good thing or not? Way to spit them in the face. I trust Naughty Dog above anyone at N4G, thats for sure (and you should too).

ThanatosDMC3399d ago

Oh noez, a teh movie gamez!

BattleAxe3399d ago

I'm waiting for the game to come out rather then spoiling it with this.

jack_burt0n3399d ago

@wulf riding the pork chop express, hairy monster monkey style :) rattle the pillars of heaven! lol

@ people talking smack about uncharted you havent played the game, seriously these games are some of the best ever made.

The way they play, look, sound, entertain, uncharted deserves some serious success if you havent tried the game, do, get a ps3 and play it. Its AAA.

goflyakite3399d ago

This is great news.

me = happy

randomwiz3399d ago

you play for 1 hour and get a 10 minute cut scene break, why is that annoying.

just look at mgs4 with "20 hours of gameplay and 10 hours of video"

FlameBaitGod3399d ago

U crazy, i love the cut scenes.

unicronic3399d ago

Why have you got 40 disagrees for something that is a rhetorical question? Totally bizarre.

Now I'm going to say regarding the top the 90 minutes of cut scenes is one minute longer than 89 and one minute less than 91.

Everyone disagree with me.

Syronicus3399d ago

This will make for an even greater story than the first one. The first one had an exceptional story but now with more cutscenes to flesh out the characters and story even more! WOW! Cannot wait to get mu grubby paws on this game.

3399d ago
PS360PCROCKS3399d ago

Lmao @ Shocky. I get PM's just like that all the time. lmao "suck box" "flop box" lol "flopza 3" that's a new one. Kids these days

Kaliumhest3399d ago

Both MGS4 and GTA IV had over 8 hours of cutscenes and if you asked people about them they would say 3 hours MAX, because it simply doesn't feel like 8 hours. 1.5 hours is NOT a lot and you won't even think about it in a 12+ hour game.

rockleex3399d ago

The gameplay will be even longer than Uncharted 1. It would make sense for there to be more/longer cutscenes.

This is what a TRUE sequel should be like. ^_^

Uncharted 1 was awesome because you could unlock different skins after beating the game. You also unlock infinite ammo, usage of any gun at any time, graphics modifiers, speed up gameplay, slow down gameplay, etc.

I used to wear Eddie Raja's skin, playing at double speed with infinite ammo, then slow the game down for hard shots, etc.

I expect Uncharted 2 to offer even MORE features after you beat the game! >:D

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DasBunker3399d ago

really just 90 min? hell MGS4 had a 90 min. cutscene :P

in other news uncharted 2 will be awesome

sunil3399d ago

Cheap shot at MSG4 :)

militant073399d ago

i'm not sure but i think mgs4 was more than 90min of cut scenes

SuperM3399d ago

Uhm yes it had. Thats why he said MGS4 had a cutscene that was 90 minutes long. care to read much? MGS had like 8 hours of cutscenes. That was just an estimate that i made up, though. Dont know exactly.

ultimolu3399d ago

As long as there's gameplay as well.

Ninver3399d ago

Oh boy, here comes the xbox knob jockeys. Might as well announce it multiplat so they can lable it the best thing ever lol (MGS:R anyone?).

DasBunker3399d ago

yeah i luv the fanboy hipocresy.. "buh.. buh.. but teh movie" good thing after E3 the MGS franchise became "cool" again *sigh*

Ninver3399d ago

Exactly! the hypocrisy is mind boggling. It's amazing how much hate a game gets simply because it outlines it's story in cutscenes.

To be honest with you, i love cutscenes. It gives me a rest from all the intense action that i endured previously in the earlier stages o the game.

DasBunker3399d ago

me too.. i like games with good story..i see games as a legit form of enterteinment just like movies or books and not just like kids toys.. altough theyre games for every taste and age group

Dawn_Of_Ashes3399d ago

Cant wait! I love those story driven games like MGS.

I hope to see more of this kind of games in the future.