iPhone Game Pr0n Not Happening Says Apple. Pulls Dirty App.

AppGamer writes "When OS 3.0 arrived this month it brought with it parental control options, something that many expected would cause Apple to relax the stringent rules imposed on developers in terms of risqué content. Indeed not long after this functionality went live an app called Hottest Girls updated which then allowed users to browse through photographs of young ladies in various states of undress all the way down to actual nudity..."

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Mo0eY3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

nip slip

By the way, that's Keeley Hazell for you researchers out there. :)

Gun_Senshi3493d ago

i don't need to research to know that. i love her

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago

Screw the app store, I clicked on this because of the picture. I guess I'm a sucker for sex sells as well! ;)

SKUD3493d ago

Wait. iPhone+porn= FAIL?. THE HELL YOU SAY!

Darkspade3493d ago

What Stops these guys from releases the outside the app store??
Apple needs to Lighten up..

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