Uncharted 2 to get another mulitplayer demo before launch

VG247: The Uncharted 2 live chat is ongoing with Naughty Dog, and Evan Wells just stated that fans can expect another, open, multiplayer demo to land soon.

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mugoldeneagle033488d ago

MAG will get pushed to November, December if delayed. And Ratchet & Clank Future 2 is probably a solid contender for mid-October, so a late Oct/early Nov would be perfect for me, and not too hard on the wallet.

ultimolu3488d ago

*screams and faints*

...o_o I'm okay, just excited about this game.

- The Corrupt -3488d ago


I bloody loved this beta so DAMN much and I hate most competitive multiplayers. Can't wait to get my teeth back into this again. Still haven't deleted the Closed Beta.

Fencefry3488d ago

They were talking about the gamestop demo :(