NPD: More girls playing games, courtesy Wii

NPD has released a survey showing the increase of female gamers from last year's numbers.

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Product3396d ago

Personally i think the "extreme" users of games having an increase in female gamers is a good thing. I really want video games to become mainstream one day and this helps.

chrisnick3396d ago

god i hate the direction nintendo has taken gaming. It's making everyone else focus on the wrong thing.

ChickeyCantor3396d ago

Its called going MAINSTREAM, get out of that insecure nerdy scope.
Seriously, nothing is wrong with girls playing games while you play the gears of war or the killzone.

People are really being pathetic over this, grow a pair of ballz.

Gr813396d ago

I don't see how having more females enjoying games is a bad thing..But it could just be that I'm bias and love women.

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