Jack Thompson debate remains scheduled

The debate between disbarred attourney Jack Thompson and gamer/lawyer Mark Methenitis that was supposed to take place at the Screw Attack Gaming Convention was in jeopardy of being cancelled today. Those in charge of the convention requested a 1 to 2 sentence introduction for Jack Thompson, which later he refused. In an e-mail, Jack explained, "Nobody can be introduced in that fashion. This is not a sound bite on CNN Headline News."

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killyourfm4330d ago

Doesn't ole Jack realize he's going to get ripped to shreds? I suppose a bit of respect should be issued to him for staying on board. JUST a bit!

dagamdagee4330d ago

Too true, he won't stand much of a chance there. I have to say, though, that SA should have known that JT would have flipped a bit because of that video. The guy's an ego maniac.