Warcraft III Exploit Causes Diablo II Patch Delay

Blizzard announced today that the upcoming Diablo 2 patch will be put on hold until the Warcraft 3 custom map issue is resolved.

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dominicm3450d ago

If you're wondering what's going on with WC3 custom maps you should probably check this article:

Defectiv3_Detectiv33450d ago

Didn't even know people still played diablo 2, that games gotta be like 10 yrs old!

TheIneffableBob3450d ago

The community for Blizzard's old games are still very large. Hundreds of thousands play them everyday.

Pandamobile3450d ago

Yeah, WC3 is still hugely popular.

pacowles3450d ago

I still play D2 off and's free and I have characters that are like 10 years old that can still own basically anything. It's a great way to kill time when you get sick of console gaming.

Grandreaper99993450d ago

I'm still heavy into it... Waiting patiently for 1.13..

LeGenDx3450d ago

150,000 players on azeroth bnet right now

Ingram3450d ago

I've been curious about that patch for months, and don't even like warcraft 3...