GameSpot: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Review

GameSpot writes: "Warriors fans get more of what they seem to want with Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires. Some subtle differences distinguish it from previous Empires entries, but this is, more or less, what you'd expect. A second player can join you in split-screen play, and franchise faithful will enjoy unlocking various wallpapers, voice clips, and other goodies. Yet there's no doubt that in spite of the fresh coat of paint the Empire mode offers, chipping it away reveals the same tired, worn-out action that Dynasty Warriors games have embraced for years--and will likely embrace for many more to come".

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-MD-3397d ago

It's a solid 7/10 it's probably the best Warriors game to date.

The series just needs some variety every mission is (run into base, kill 500 soldiers, run to next base, kill captain) hopefully 7 will be more in depth.