Taking air guitar to higher levels

Forget Guitar Hero -- these guys are doing it for themselves. Turning the Wii controls into a guitar, that is, and it's pretty awesome. Clearly, this guy doesn't need no instructions to know how to rock.

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masterg4263d ago

Why not pick up a real guitar because that seems a bit too lame.
Games are made to make things possible that normal people cant just do in real life.. not for that.

soundboy4263d ago

games are made for people to have fun. can't you hit a golf ball or shoot a basketball in real life? and sports games are still fun.

pustulio4263d ago

nintendo is dessesperated for the wii can sell more copies but no the wii SUCKS

soundboy4263d ago

and this video has nothing to do with Nintendo, it's a homebrew experiment.

ITR4263d ago

Fanboys make me laugh.

Anyway it sounds pretty awesome.
I like how folks have taken the Wii mote and made it a part of the PC world.
For me, this makes me think the Wii in a way can never die just because you can use the Wii mote for just about anything bluetooth.