Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament TPG Review

TPG writes, "Normally, the idea of playing through an RPG, even an action one, may appear like a daunting task. Most RPGs require hours of level grinding. Not because the game requires it, but it's more of the fear of getting hours in and finding out that the level your character is at is far too low to defeat certain characters. Then idea of restarting at an earlier save point reminds you of how many hours you have already played. Atlus' Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament takes some RPG design elements but streamlines them into a quick pickup and play style action-RPG. The small problem with this decision is that while hardcore elements can be removed, it can dilute other aspects of gameplay..."

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roblef3395d ago

Not the homerun I've come to expect from Atlus. Can't win them all, though.

CrAppleton3395d ago

That kinda happens when all you release is ports of Japanese games

bgrundman3395d ago

Who doesn't love a good RPG, right?

supercharger51503395d ago

Depends... Do I get 3 weeks off work to play it? Then I love it! If not, then it's almost torture to try and finish.

roblef3395d ago

Only if it's actually good.

MaCkTeHkNiFe3395d ago

yeah, a surprising miss from Atlus.

wondroushippo3395d ago

You know, robot customization games sound like the ultimate genre, yet it seems like no one's been able to make a huge hit out of them, and I just don't understand WHY.

Johnny Rotten3395d ago

I'm not an RPG fan really (except for dungeon crawlers)but this looks kinda fun!

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