EA is NOT charging for MJ tribute outfits

TVGB: "The browser-based Battlefield Heroes stealthily launched last week and has proven to be a fun little game to fire up every now and then when the boss isn't looking. The game is free to play but brings in the cash by asking a few dollars here and there for microtransactions like faster leveling up, clothing etc. Not a bad plan and one that more and more games are using these days. But it appeared as if EA had taken it to a bad place when MTV Multiplayer reported earlier today that EA is asking 420 Battlefunds, the game's currency that can be bought with real money, in this case ~$3, for each of the two of Michael Jackson's outfits."

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VanHalen3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Did anyone see Pdiddy and Jamie Foxx trying to stir up racial [email protected] the other night about MJ? Its pretty disturbing when even during a tragedy like this some of these [email protected] still try and play the race card. Saying crap like everyone is trying to make him look bad and say he was on drugs etc. because he was a black man! Its outrageous, for one he tried to make himself look white so WTF? They wanna sit there and say we didnt treat Elvis and John Kennedy this way? Thats funny cuz most people brought up drugs with Elvis and look at Heath Ledger after he died! These guys wanna try to play the race card even at a time like this, its disgraceful.

blackmamba7073399d ago

sh1t would hit the fan if they charged

skip2mylou3399d ago

not even entertaining in my book. i thought it would be fun when i first played.... i was severely disappointed

darkmurder3398d ago

It is fun it just lags alot, much like AA when more servers come out the better it will be.