Splinter Cell: Conviction To Take Action Stealth To a "Whole New Level"

Badassgamer: "Splinter Cell has always been known for it's brilliant stealth and action hybrid, however with Splinter Cell:Conviction, that trend isn't just set to continue, but according to Maxime Beland, the creative director behind the project, Splinter Cell: Conviction will take the genre to a whole new level."

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bmatthews3449d ago

looking forward to this game, amongst others...

So Easy I Can Do It3449d ago

But you know what they should do? Just like the your line of sight, the enemy sees your last known position. This should be the case for the enemy too. In that one video, he shoots the lights and it turns pitch dark - but you can still see the enemy's red "marker."

phosphor1123449d ago

Mark and execute isn't new. I think it was in R6 Raven Shield..or one of the R6's... Still cool though lol.

Jaces3449d ago

Hmm, I'll be the judge of that.

Seriously though, hope it's better than it's predecessors on the original Xbox...didn't really care for those to much.

OperationFlashpoint23449d ago

This game is one of the only games I'm looking forward to on the Xbox 360 lineup, I love what I saw at E3, so this should be a great purchase, I do believe it's out this year, right?

Donga3449d ago

yes, this game will be out this year...

EDIT:Fishy Fingers already got there.

Donga3449d ago

Hopefully this will be a great SC title, worthy of the name Splinter Cell..

no1safe3449d ago

I hope the same. But after watching gameplays and interviews I'm pretty sure it will. Looking forwart to play it :)

Nelson M3449d ago

Why is this Game set in an Office Block
Or a High Rise Hotel
Or maybe on the Top of Mount Everest

JockamoTwo3449d ago


vagisil3449d ago

i guess he looks like all the rest of you droids.

AntMad3449d ago

I wish they release a demo, like now!

Ubuntula3449d ago

what is this 'demo' you speak of?

in all seriousness, it seems like demo's of major titles are less likely to be released...gone are the days when you could try a major title before buying... except KZ2 of course.

ShabzS3449d ago

seriously man... you said it... i want a demo ubi !!

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The story is too old to be commented.