Sony placing PS3 slim manufacturing orders for delivery in July?

"We haven't heard much about the PS3 slim since E3, but that doesn't mean it's been entirely quiet out there -- the hot rumor today is that Sony's signed manufacturing agreements with both Foxconn and Pegatron to build the revised model in time for July delivery. That much we believe, since it's been backed up by a couple different credible reports, but here's where it gets totally insane: there's a suggestion that the slim will be the last PS3 model of this generation, and that a next-gen console based on Sony's motion controller is due in spring 2010. We don't buy that at all, since the PS3 is just entering its prime and Sony was clear that the motion controller was for the existing console, so we think this rumor is getting garbled down the wire -- it's far more likely that the slim is being prepped for an August launch to coincide with those rumored price cuts, and that new PS3 bundles that include the motion controller are set to drop next year. That's just our take on the matter, though -- we'll see how things shake out."

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LordMarius3489d ago

If it doesnt come with a price drop, then whats the point

ghostface3489d ago

The point is that Sony will reap the benefit of lower component parts, which will make Sony more money off of every Ps3 sold.

Greywulf3489d ago

When it makes sense to the board & investors, then they will do a price drop. Its a luxury item at this point in its lifespan.

As the consumer, Sonys pricing hasn't resulted in any negative effects. I've spent over $1000 dollars in software, and more is coming around the bend.High pricing also hasn't changed\canceled games\entertainment either.

Its important for the people that can't afford one right now, but i cant see how those same people aren't upset or off put by HDTV/LuxuryVehicle prices.

Raf1k13489d ago

or less of a loss.

If they start making money then great. Sony deserves to start making money on every PS3 they sell sooner rather than later.

Panthers3489d ago

The PS3 is still on track to sell 100m by the end of its life cycle. They will lower the price when they feel its time and boom, sales will skyrocket.

Carl14123489d ago

Something called profit. Most businesses need it. Look it up.


gaffyh3489d ago

This is what i'm guessing will happen. Sony announce PS3 Slim at some event maybe gamescom in august or TGS in september. Then to get rid of current ps3 stock they announce a fire sale @ $299. Then ps3 slim comes out at $349. Also may have a christmas ff13 bundle in japan, uncharted bundle in US and EU.

iamtehpwn3489d ago

If Sony can get Ps3 down to $300, People will go for it over 360.
360 sold sold more due to price and game availability.

Sony now has Game availability, with Price in hand, and already better hardware reliability, Sony can still dethrone Microsoft.

Downtown boogey3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

early next year and a price cut later this year. That's my prediction.

Hey! Got my bubble back!

Rob0g0rilla3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Of the current PS3s this year to make room for the slim PS3 next year bundled with motion controls. Before the PS3 was released, Ken Kutaragi liked the PS Eye so much he wanted it built in the PS3 but they didn't do it.

Sarick3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

If it looks good, as a reduced price with bigger HDD, reduced heat/ power consumption and full BC PS2 for about $299 I'm buying a couple.

BTW. This is a better picture of the PS3 slim concept. (refuses to upload >.<....

RememberThe3573489d ago

Why would Sony have the PS2, PSP, PS3 and the PS4 on the market at the same time? They've already said that they aren't going to cut support for the PS2 for a while.

If this is all coming from the same sources than I can't believe any part of this.

darthv723489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

with their own "slim" 360 at tgs? It has been rumored for some time. They have been to quiet to not be working on something besides the natal. One thing is for sure, one of them will have something to reveal at tgs.

I wouldnt mind getting another ps3 to have in the front room. I have 2 360's so having 2 ps3's will be a welcome addition.

Jaces3489d ago

Do it Sony!

I want another one for my bedroom. :D

danthegardner3489d ago

its not the ps4, its a redesigned ps3

danthegardner3489d ago

but the motion controllers are for the ps3 are they not

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yoghurt3489d ago

I reckon they'll reduce the price by about £50 ($80)

so UK £249

Mike134nl3489d ago

They should just drop the price by 100$ and 100€ , too at least clear their stocks before they launch a slim ps3.
I know the exchange rates are different but If the the normal cost for a ps4 in europe is about 400€ compared to 400$ in the us.

Don't think the ps3 slim will be any cheaper, but wonder how big the hard drive will be.

They better not do the same thing as they did with the psp go, how unlikely it might be.

SmokingMonkey3489d ago

the real thing (if real exists) not some "polystation"

waltercross3489d ago

I Saw several pictures of the PS3 Slim.
It was leaked from China, I saw on the picture
it said 120GB HD, I only saw 2 USB ports, but
not sure if that was the back or front.

It's Glossiness is gone(at lease I didn't see it)
Looks like there using a cheaper material, this
should bring down the price.

WAR_MACHINE773489d ago

Those pictures (if real) were of raw parts that were probably fresh off the mold. Gloss coats and what not are done latter.

OmarJA3489d ago

Sony will announce it when the time is right, that's all you need to know.

Sev3489d ago

That's a good prediction.

Here's another "prediction".

It's coming in September/October

LinuxGuru3489d ago

They don't like our predictions. What will we ever do?

Oh noooO!

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