Middle East soon to be "Xbox 360ised"

Having launched in the US, the UK, Japan and Asia, Microsoft's next step in spreading the 360 love is the Middle East. The Unite Arab Emirates will be the first to witness the beauty that is Microsoft's beast of a machine, with the whole of the Middle East expected to be covered within seven months.

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techie4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Sorry why blade?

BIadestarX4261d ago

If Japanese are bias against American products.... how bias you think they are going to be in the middle east? Yeah, sure everyone pretend to love americans and alies but always trying to see how they can blow one of our buildings.

techie4261d ago

"sure everyone pretend to love americans and alies but always trying to see how they can blow one of our buildings."

That's terorists blade...not all of the middle east. Sheesh...have a look at what our govt's are doing in their foreign policy.

They buy american's all products. Continue the American capitalism reign YAY!

Bigmac5734261d ago

That should go over really well. Sales will be worse than in Japan.

BubblesDAVERAGE4261d ago

People in the middle east love ps2. They might like 360

sak5004261d ago

I live in Dubai and have 2 360s. Been playing since jan last year. The 360s are available in many electronic stores including Virgin.

ReconHope4261d ago

with their majority ethic system will they be able to play any games with violence?

MakgSnake4261d ago

Seriously, most of u people are stupid and dumb and dont know anything about other countries except of America / Canada / UK. Seriously.....what is wrong with you people. Were u born dumb or an Idiot for life?

United Arab Emirates is one of the Richest Countries in the world, not only that its the most ADVANCE and fastest growing country as well. Once you go there, you wouldn't wanna come back.

FILTHY and I mean FILTHY RICH people live there. They will be buying XBOX360 like there is no is not an issue there.

Infact all this is XBOX360 is OLD NEWS there, as when I was last there in DUBAI in Dec of 2005, XBOX360 was already there, from America and Europe, EXACTLY......they get both reigon's system NTSC and PAL...because their TVs are MULTI SYSTEMS!

There aren't any poor people and terrorism in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES... DUBAI is mind blowing, ........... I am just sad that XBOX LIVE will not be hitting there anytime soon, all my friends are there, ...... I was born there and lived my entire life there........ but its nice to see that XBOX360 is officially being launced... sweet!

GameOn4261d ago

yeah my mate is in dubai now, snowboarding lol

InMyOpinion4261d ago

Prejudice about arab cultures and the islamic religion are very common in western countries nowadays. Since the 9/11 bombings some think it's ok to hate other people cause of their origins...They start believing everyone from the middle east are terrorists. I blame their governments for using fear as a tactic to keep it's citizens from questioning their actions.

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The story is too old to be commented.