Take a lesson from NinjaBee, add Avatar Support

Examiner writes: What can other developers learn from this? How to keep gamers happy. I understand not every game can have added Live Vision Camera support (I have seen enough testicles playing UNO), but something like avatars support should be done without saying on most newer games. It doesn't hurt to be able to put one more line on your list of features.

With older games though, it comes down to .. "Why not?" Just looking at the XBLA games I own, I could easily see 3D Ultra Minigolf and Bomberman LIVE making use of this feature, as well as renew interest in those titles. I have no doubts Hudson would enjoy seeing Bomberman LIVE make it's way back onto the Live Activity charts.

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Alymon3399d ago

This is pretty awesome. Band of Bugs is already a cool game. Nice to see avatar support added.

I agree that more games should use avatars (specifically XBLA titles).

Give us an avatar RPG or fighting game, please!

PacoDG3399d ago

RPGs would be PERFECT to have avatar support. I know with some games they obviously cant replace a character in the game based on hit detection or other factors I'm sure I'm not thinking of... but RPGs would not be hindered.

GiantEnemyCrab3399d ago

the whole look of avatars doesn't fit well into a lot of games. You basically need a cartoon kiddy game for them to actually be appropriate.

I don't blame developers for not wanting to use them because well they're ugly. But yes, kiddy games like Joyride which are geared twords 8-12 year old demographic it should work okay.

IdleLeeSiuLung3398d ago

true that it doesn't exactly fit in to games like gears, but hey if it is an option you don't have to use it.