Forza Motorsport 3: Japanese cars

Xboxoygen says, "It's party Tuesday for Forza Motorsport 3 and are now no fewer than fifteen new images from the game

This time it was the Japanese cars that we present."

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bullswar3450d ago

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I give you Forza 3.

DNAgent3450d ago

Cause GT5 is the only racing game I need.

HarukoHex3450d ago

if so why are you hear. >.> oh wait your pic says it all, Troll, quick someone get me a hammer.

II Necroplasm II3450d ago

By the time you will be playing GT5, you will look like that creature in your avatar.

If you don't already look like him.

xSuprax3450d ago

The cars look great,cant wait till October,This is the best racing game for me.

deadpoole3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Really cool pics. Good to see some new ingame screenshots.

I might be wrong, but I did notice that different cars have different paint jobs. If it is so then it'll be really awesome cuz I like cars with metallic paint job.

JOLLY13450d ago

You can completely customize the cars look. You can add body kits, custom rims (paint the rims) add decals, lower the car, tint the windows, pretty much anything you want.

sonarus3450d ago

By far the best looking 360 game. Glad to see microsoft stepping up finally

3450d ago
AAACE53450d ago

I had all but given up on track racing games until I saw this at E3. But I am glad to see that they were telling the truth about the graphics being better than what we already saw! This is now a must buy in my book! I still think the environments could look a bit better to match the phenomenal detail of the cars... but it is still early, and those could change as well.

tuglu_pati3450d ago

WOW!! that's all i got to say.

u got owned3450d ago

I must admit I'm impressed with this screen shots.

The Xbox Empire3450d ago

Looking soooo perfect, even better than it did at E3, I think. What gonna push Forza over the edge is features/customization and physics. Though I think Splinter Cell, ODST and L4D2 will all be very good scoring games...I wouldn't doubt Forza 3 scoring possibly VERY well. I hope it really is as good as it sounds/looks.

First thing I'm going to do is build a Mitsubishi Evolution from the ground up. Its going to be the sickest Evo ever!

nbsmatambo3450d ago

everything looks so fcking shiny, like they got a whole jar of vaseline nd smothered it on everything....

other than that it looks pretty good..

deadpoole3450d ago

So you're tryin to tell me that I can custom paint my car with all vinyl, strips, decals whatsoever and when I race online XBL with fellas they will be able to see my car custom paint job and stuff. This is sweet, Ill be able to show off my custom paint job online.

Xi3450d ago

just google search forza 2 and paint jobs and you'll get a small sample of the great customized cars out there.

scalman3450d ago

cars look good but you can find screens as good as this from GT5P or even better,so its only screens,its doesnt show nothing special

GameOn3449d ago

I find the custom paint jobs truly impressive. I wish I had that much skill in the paint shop.

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2 cents3450d ago

You gotta give credit where credit is due. Really really nice

JOLLY13450d ago

Thanks for throwing in your 2 cents man.

I did not murder him3450d ago

Looks stellar.

LOL at the disagree fairies

KionicWarlord2223450d ago


It looks SUPER stellar.

Boody-Bandit3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

There are better pics then the one I am including but I like the reflections on this shot.

DelbertGrady3450d ago

When viewing the screenshots as, click the 'zoom' button in the lower left corner. Shows the full resolution. Some screenshots looked like they had jaggies when not zoomed so.

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