Sega: It's not game over for mature Wii titles

Sega's recent targeting of a mature audience on the Nintendo Wii has been successful in the long-term, with the publisher telling it has more budget for similar adult content on the format.

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SpoonyRedMage3399d ago

Just keep bringing the awesomeness Sega.

Xander-RKoS3398d ago

I think the two titles were just never destined to become the super blockbuster hits some of thought they could be. Madworld has a pretty art style...but it was short and over the top, a niche title at best. Overkill was a rail shooter...and I know a fair number of people that won't bother with a game simply because it's a rail shooter and not an FPS.

That being said, I'm glad that the games worked out in the long-run.

EvilTwin3398d ago

True. A black & white, beat 'em up isn't exactly commercial/blockbuster territory right now, and there's a glut of rail shooters on Wii.

But still, it looks like MadWorld has sold 230,000 copies:

...while HotD:Overkill has sold 310,000 copies:

Conduit looks like it might have pushed 100,000 already:

These aren't "hardcore flops." They aren't Mario-level blockbusters, but they're making money and turning a profit.

Seferoth753398d ago

Your first mistake is using Vgcahrtz as a reference. They are not 100% accurate. Nintendo announced like 80 million sellers in the US 3 months ago. They only lists 43 and still only have 50 or so. Vgchartz is just an estimate not an exact number.

N4g_null3398d ago

True VGchartz is not always accurate I don't think nintendo said they had 80 million seller though more like 20-30 on the Wii. That may have changed though.

What is funny is how stubborn the hardcore are now. They praise the game yet want it on the HD consoles yet don't buy it on the Wii. I hope they realize people don't make ports of games that are not successful and they don't port them to more expensive systems. On top of that this would mean possibly double the cost yet not real gain from porting.

Basically if it wasn't for Wii gamers hardcore game would eventually implode. Due to cost on both sides. Yet some thin tells me these are only fanboys trying to get a flame war started.

EvilTwin3398d ago

Seferoth75 -- Yeah, estimates aren't always 100% accurate. But I don't think you're going to look at one of those games and subtract 100,000 sales or something.

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TrollSlayer3398d ago

overkill would have sold much better if it wasnt for house of the dead 2 & 3 return. it really stole overkills sales. ah well, the money still goes to sega i guess. glad to hear overkill was profitable, i love that game. probably the bets thing for sega to do is to pick up the grinder. possibly gladiator has well although im not sold on that game

TheColbertinator3398d ago

Keep going SEGA,your doing fine

ArcticWolfUK3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

wii should just stick to kiddy games imo

stick the good games on ps3/360/pc where they'll get appreciated

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