50° "Sony really sucks at DRM"

Sony just keeps on running into all sorts of copy protection hassles. Now new DVDs such as Casino Royale and Stranger Than Fiction are refusing to work in certain DVD players - and at least one Sony DVD player is affected.

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Bigmac5734257d ago

Seriously, is this a news site or a message board for 10 year olds?

GameJunkieJim4256d ago

I wonder how many people have the affected hardware, and how much it will cost to fix for the companies involved.

SmokeyMcBear4256d ago

wait is this Blueray or DVD? I did read somewhere of some hackers at doom9 getting some sort of unstoppable hack using the hd-dvd drive that the 360 uses.. might be interesting.

vidoardes4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Wow, the most miss-informed, miss-commented article I have seen in a long time. A long time.

a) The DRM isn't Sony's the article clearly states it is ARccOS DRM causing problems. shows what great 'journalism' it is.

b)GameJunkieJim - Try reading the sodding article before commenting would you? You didn't even read the blurb the post provided, it's DVD's not BluRay

c) The article is total flamebait and has NOTHING to do with gaming what so ever. Doesn't even affect consoles. This was posted to start a flamewar against Sony. Grow up, stop tryna cause arguments and get a life.

This 'article' is a total joke, how the hell this got approved I will never know

GameJunkieJim4256d ago

I did jump to a conclusion I had no right to.

Apologies to any offended.