Worthplaying: Fallout 3: Point Lookout Review

Worthplaying writes: "It's getting to be truly impossible to stay out of the Capital Wastelands. Just about the time we finish exploring every nook and cranny of the last batch of DLC that Bethesda sends our way, the company puts out a new chunk, bigger and better than ever. Their latest offering, Fallout 3: Point Lookout, may well be the best yet, featuring a brand-new locale chock-full of secrets, treasure and danger around every bend."

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mrv3213449d ago

I feel most of the DLC was designed to be in the game but they didn't fit it in or have time, this feels somewhat different to me... slightly less faalout 3 and more Fallout 3 DLC. Because let's face it Broken Steel from it's launch IS the only ending to Fallout 3.

For those of you that don't know let me with spoilers tell you the story of Fallout 3 and why the ending suck

Your eating this sandwhich, a nice cheese and pickle one, you get to the end and it's a piece a stail bread, no matter how good the sandwhich was prior the end bit sucks... and what makes it worse is because of that sandwhich you get ill and die and thus cannot eat any more cheese and pickle...

That's basically it if fallout 3 was a cheese and pickle sandwhich.

mrv3213449d ago

If you completed Fallout 3 prior to DLC you'd know how bad the ending was.

The first three DLC(Anchorage, Pitt and Steel) all felt like they should be in the game especially Anchorage which was probably a side mission which they made slightly longer same with Pitt while Broken steel feels like Fallout 3's ending with some new perks.

This DLC feels different, I don't know why, it keeps with Fallout 3 but there's something about it, prehaps it's the location or the fact there's no wasteland so to speak I'm not sure, feels more like DLC.