Playstation Network Undergoing Maintenance Today

The Playstation Network is undergoing maintenance today. Users will not be able to access the PSN during the construction.

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Beg For Mercy3397d ago

was wondering why i couldn't sign on

taco_tom2373397d ago

oh thank god i thought it was only me getting this error message

4pocalyps33397d ago

i can sign in now but i can't access playstation store. this error keeps coming up ¬_¬

Name Last Name3397d ago

i couldnt log on but i downloaded an update and now i can

randomwiz3397d ago

i got scared too, but can anyone remember the last time there was maintenance on psn?

IdleLeeSiuLung3397d ago

Shouldn't Sony announce scheduled maintenance in advance? I vaguely remember this happening in the past too, just blam, we are maintaining our servers... sorry.

I guess maintenance seemed to have been short lived though.

BX813397d ago

PSN doesn't send out notices when the service is going to be down? I know XBL does it. I have PSN but I'm not on it much. Thanks.

agentace3397d ago

they dont send out notices because you can still use it the same as normal but the store might not work everytime or something

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TheHater3397d ago

But now, I am getting this new error message I never seen before. 8002A402

mobius3873397d ago

yup, im getting the 8002A402 screen as well. very interesting...

BX813397d ago

Yeah very interesting until you realize error:8002A402 means that Samuel L. Jackson is on his way to your house to open a can of whoop a$$. Sorry I thought it was funny.

darkshadow1283397d ago

i want to play when will this thing be over

mobius3873397d ago

no official word yet. keeping checking for further updates

darkshadow1283397d ago

ye im getting the same numbers 8002A402

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The story is too old to be commented.