Stop Yelling At Sony To Cut The Price Of The PS3

PSXextreme: See that dude in the picture? ..I'm probably younger, that's me every time I read another ridiculous, 'if Sony doesn't drop the price of the PS3, it's over' article. Really. I'm bored..

Therefore, in about two years time, with the most expensive console on the market, even in a freakin' recession, the PS3 has somehow managed to - shock of shocks - not die. In fact, it has only managed to close the gap, which it will likely continue to do.."

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PantherDST4535d ago

I already own a PS3 so I don’t care about a Sony price cut. However I’m considering buying an Xbox360, but they are simply too expensive. I’m only interested in one game, Mass effect 2…. So pretty please MS drop the price of your Xbox. Your killing me here.

rucky4535d ago

I suggest waiting for next year when they release their Natal SKU. You won't be hearing about it since the American media are pretty much keeping it hush hush from the public so 360 sales won't get affected til then.

-MD-4535d ago

360 price has been lowered like twice since its release...

Cmen4535d ago

you want MS to drop the price of the 360 lol it's 199 with the hard drive....meanwhile the ps3 is 399

jmare4535d ago

No it's $199 without the harddrive. Nice try though.

-MD-4535d ago

It's actually 199 and then you can call Microsoft and order an HDD for an additional 19.99$

jmare4535d ago

Proof? Otherwise, why would anybody pay how ever much ($120? $150?) for a HDD? Also, I am still correct $199 + $19.99 != $199. So you can not get a 360 with a HDD for $199.

dorron4535d ago

I own a PS3 so price cut wouldn't affect me. Still, I feel if there's no price cut, PS3's install base will hardly get even with Xbox360's. Lesser install base, lesser support from third party developers. That's the I would quite politely ask for a price cut that's getting too long in my opinion to arrive.

I believe if Sony wants the game to turn to their side again they need:

1.- Backwards compatibility and PS2 games in the PSN (rumors aim towards this happening soon, so it's OK)

2.- RELEVANT price cut ASAP

3.- SCENE for the PS3

Sonyslave34535d ago

closing the gap ahahahah i wouldn't call a 8 million gap closing.

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