Ganondorf - Goodnight Sweet Prince

It's been a long and storied road for the antagonist of 8 Zelda titles to date. He's captured Princess Zelda many a time, been longing for the triforce since 1986, and always loses in the end to a the almighty hero... Link. He helped influence the spread of the twilight realm in Twilight Princess, the flooding of Hyrule in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, and always seems to convince a loyal minion to bring him back from the clutches of eternal damnation. Yet, despite all this, it's time for him to simply say goodbye.

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roblef3399d ago

That would be like saying that The Princess Zelda needs to go. The nemesis is a staple, and seems to work for the series. Why change that?

EvilTwin3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Well, it worked for Majora's Mask. Most under-appreciated Zelda game ever.

I love the series. Twilight Princess kept me entertained for weeks. But essentially, I had played the game before. All the gameplay mechanics go back to OoT. They're going to have to reinvent the wheel a bit gameplay-wise, or perhaps a new villain might help. I kinda agree with the writer -- LoZ:TP would've been better overall if Zant had been the main attraction. IMO, of course.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

But zelda isn't involed with all zelda not sure why people are so up to this point with it.

The title is just legend of zelda.

They need more items, that would be used more trough out the whole game.

Cheeseknight283399d ago

I disagree. Seeing Ganondorf halfway through the game at the sand ruins was the biggest WTF moment in the entire game. I thought he would show up eventually, but the flashback that revealed him was great. His role in "creating" Zant was well done, I thought.

There have also been plenty of different Zelda main villains added. Here are the ones I can think of:

-Adventure of Link: Thunderbird + Shadow Link
-Link's Awakening: Dethl (The shadow in the Wind Fish)
-Oracle of Season + Ages: Onyx (Seasons) + Veran (Ages) (Yes I know Ganondorf and Twinrova showed up eventually, but they were basically bonus bosses)
-Majora's Mask: Skull Kid
-Legend of Zelda LTTP Four Swords: Vaati
-Four Swords Adventures: Vaati
-Minish Cap: Vaati
-Phantom Hourglass: Bellum

Yes, you could argue that the "main games" use Ganondorf only as the final boss, but I don't think he is overused in the slightest. I kinda wish they would elaborate on his background though. Evil prince born in Gerudo Village doesn't quite cut it for me.

Xander-RKoS3399d ago Twilight Princess he was more of a surprise twist ending boss. Like, Zant has Ganondorf's power...but then oh look, he actually came back! He had a much bigger role in Wind Waker.

ANYWAYS, I don't really think they need to get rid of him. If "Link" and Zelda keep reincarnating, why not Ganondorf. I am getting a little tired of the OoT Ganon constantly coming back for vengeance against Hyrule and the Hero or Time...but if they reincarnated him into a different Ganondorf (kinda like Zelda/Tetra from Wind Waker being a pirate at first)...

Hey a thought, what if they do introduce a new villain in the next Zelda, and Ganondorf actually becomes one of your allies (totally different character who has the triforce of power). Huh? HUH?

AbsoluteZelda3399d ago

I agree that Ganondorf could be used in a twisted roll to help get rid of a greater evil. Would be an amazing gameplay element to have to be force to work with Link.

Again, that still holds the same premise as the writer though: That a new end game villain is called for. Think about the Twilight Princess twist at the end. Ganondorf's "power" seemed much more daunting when Zant used it then when he did. I mean, he turned Link back in a wolf, dismissed the shadow mask as a toy against his power (which magically became extremely useful against Ganondorf himself), and put Midna on her death bed.

Ganondorf's power was, in essence, stronger in Zant then in himself. When Ganondorf appeared... it was like "free win". Glad to see that people enjoyed the piece. Us folks at ZI love writing about Zelda.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago

"I am getting a little tired of the OoT Ganon constantly coming back for vengeance against Hyrule and the Hero or Time."

Errr..he doesn't come back for vengeance, he comes back to make his wish come true by collecting all triforce triangles ( basically zelda and link).
They should totally make a game about zelda who can turn into a ninja( sheik )=D

SinnedNogara3399d ago

We need a game telling Ganondorf's history. That would be AWESOME.

LeGenDx3399d ago

imagion play a zelda through ganondorfs eyes.
like play him as a character an how he became to be

-MD-3399d ago

Why not introduce a new character and have them team up or something? They should try to flip the series on its head and have Link actually fail in the end to open it up for a 2 part game.

Tewi-Inaba3399d ago

He's part of the TriForce thats like making a Legend of Zelda with out having Link and Zelda, spinoffs maybe but not if your gonna continue the theme.


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