Picture of Elite Trade-In Deal at EB/Gamestop

According to these images of a Elite Trade-In Deal at EB/Gamestop you will be able to trade in an Xbox 360 Pro/Core console, or even a Xbox 1 for money towards the Elite coming out later this month. You will receive $250 for the Pro console, $200 for the Core, and $50 for Xbox 1.

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Dlacy13g4259d ago

So reality is the best deal here is to trade in a core. You only lose $100 in depreciation. Premium is too low if you ask me. $250 is all they are offering?

Schmitty074259d ago

The guys explained everything to me, they had just gotten the slips when I came in.

Schmitty074259d ago

ATM, if you do not have a username for the website, you can not look at the forum. I'm working to get it fixed.

NextGen24Gamer4259d ago

You get 280 for the premium with the hard drive. They do the hard drive seperate. ITs a good deal. You upgrade to the Elite for only 200 dollars when the 120 gig hard drive alone is 180. Excellent deal for those who want the hard drive and or hdmi.

Marriot VP4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

The guy below me is a fanboy

SDS Gamerfiend4258d ago

It says the system, hard drive cables and controller!

Bigmac5734259d ago

And you still need to pay $250 bucks for the Elite. EL OH EL.

iceice1234259d ago

At least for me, had to get my premuim off of EBay at launch...

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The story is too old to be commented.