Front Mission Evolved inspired by CoD4 & Lost Planet

Double Helix development director Jeremy Lee discussed the reasons behind Front Mission Evolved's shift from a turn-based strategy game to a real-time action title.

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SpoonyRedMage3396d ago

I just hope it's good. Double Helix's last game wasn't very well recieved and this is a somewhat contraversial use fo a franchise by Square Enix.

borisfett3396d ago

Agreed. I really hope they do the franchise justice.

TheColbertinator3396d ago

Nope.It sucks now.Front Mission is not an action title,it should stay an RPG

SpoonyRedMage3395d ago

I disagree but agree at the same time there Steven. It's most likely going to be mehish which is bad but if the game is somehow an excellent third person shooter that works well in the context of the universe then there's no problem with the Genre change.

It's also important to note that this is a spin off, not a sequel so it's unlikely the series will fully go this route.

Baka-akaB3395d ago

Sorry but i'm not buying that anything good will come out of this .

FM's mech arent stylish gundams or virtual one fighters . Once you remove what set them apart , namely their kick-ass history of tactical games and great storylines , you turn it into something generic , probably even more generic already than armored core :s .

It just reeks of SE's newfound will to conquer the west by blindlessly copying them , and using outdated and overused 3d engine , instead of creating a good game .

The moves reminds me of how Sega killed the Shining force brand , when they could have already done something as good as Valkyria Chronicles .