Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood: graphics check between PS3 and Xbox 360 version

In that screenshot comparison they check the differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. They recorded all screenshots in 720p, HDMI and default settings (contrast and color space). The PS3 version looks a bit more brightly; some terrain textures are more detailed in the Xbox 360 game. But, for exemplare (as one screenshot shows), the tree textures are more softly in the PS3 version than in the game for Xbox 360. You can switch the screenshots by clicking on the right arrow at the top of the images. HD viewing is available, too.

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LONEWOLF2315473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

It looks the same. Only Difference is that the PS3 is using that Blur smoothing tech or whatever its called. Just wish the Pics were a bit bigger to make a proper comparison. But from where i am standing there is no noticeable difference.

Maikrobi5473d ago

Just klick on "Screenshot in HD" below the images.

JockamoTwo5473d ago

...the HD screens reveal all.

Defectiv3_Detectiv35473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

This game will most likely be atrocious no matter what console you play it on.

Honestly though, the 360 version is a little too detailed, it brings the jaggies out more. I kinda like the slight blur in the PS3 version. Its kinda like Digital camera's verse Film camera's. Film has more depth.

socomnick5473d ago

yea that blur smoothing is called quincux and it makes ps3 games look ugly. Vaseline effect.

The Great Melon5473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

Everything looks sharper in the xbox version, but I must admit I like the way the trees look from a distance in the ps3 version. The first picture looks more real to me on the ps3. Whatever these comparisons are never accurate since they are not being displayed on each individual's TV that is tweaked properly.

aceitman5473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

got it today from walmart and this is on default just like they do all the comparisons they doent use the ps3 on full hd and it pisses me off for any one to do it that way show the full on ps3 and compareu can tell its in default cause u can see the darkness in ps3

specialguest5473d ago

Both versions are NOT the same. One seems to be much crisper and possibly higher res. than the other.

BlackTar1875473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

I don't like the 360 version ts looks good (not hat i like ps3 one either0 but the 360 looks like paper cut outs to me you know like where you can tell there not full 3d realized the blur may help that just looks like if you get close on the 360 version you'll see white lines because of the sharpness but all in all graphics don't make games if its fun its fun its not like its a NES vs 360 or whatever so if you get thrown off by this sorry but if its fun it will always be fun just like Super Mario bros graphics mean nothing if the game is crap and vice versa

Fight On everyone

antoinetm5473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

what was that thing called again..? umm Full RGB right.
- or -
poor programming skillz


keep up the good work by comparing irrelevant games

edit: x360 looks better

tuglu_pati5473d ago

X360 version looks better as 99% of the time on multiplat games.

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Nelson M5473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

Gonna Check this out on Fri
Looks Good !!

Gonna Spit some Chewin Tobacco all over a Bot When i see one and then put a Slug right between his eyes with my Trusty 6 Shooter
Yeeeeee Haaah Haa

JasonPC360PS3Wii5472d ago

OMG the PS3 lost another one

KILLZONE 2 KILLZONE 2 (even though RE5 looks better)

condorstrike5473d ago

no matter how many times I looked at them, the x360 looks way better hands down.

another botched down port for the PS3, that sucks.

ohh well. Xbox it is...lol

Silly gameAr5473d ago

I think the 360 version looks plastic. Fake even. Everything looks to shiny to me. JMO.

DelbertGrady5472d ago

The 360 version looks too good for my taste. I prefer the more subtile detail and slightly blurred textures of the PS3 version.

condorstrike5473d ago

are you serious?

I can't tell if you're joking, or your fan-boysm has driven you blind.

it's obvious, come on.

LONEWOLF2315473d ago

Me a fanboy......nah man far from it i am a multi-plat gamer.
Okay just saw the HD pics and damn the difference is clear as water.

Dr_Nefarious5473d ago

LOL, woooowww. The 360 version once again far superior to the ps3. Proven fact, PS3 can not and will not ever do textures nearly as good as the 360. I bet if killzone 2 or Drakes uncharted were made for the 360 it would put the PS3 to shame.

This isn't a sloppy port people this is the crappy hardware that the ps3 is made of.

Model5473d ago

you state that xbox is more powerful, then why are so worshiped first party studios of microsoft not able to make such great looking games ? lack of talent ?

ultimolu5473d ago

...Based on a multiplatform game.