New Crysis Footage

A lot of new footage from Crysis. Enjoy!

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CrazzyMan4259d ago

no crysis, only games on cry engine 2. =)
looking forward for some announces.. =)

Circa244259d ago

Have they released the tech specs for your computer if you want to play Crysis?

And a bummer that they said there are no plans to put Crysis on PS3 or 360. Hopefully they are just delaying until the right time to announce.

*cross fingers*

iceice1234259d ago

I had 2k for a decent computer to run this. I would easily give it up for it, and I hate EA.

Le-mo4259d ago

This is game has the best graphics I've ever seen in any game.

id dot entity4258d ago

They are not going to port Crysis? But only the engine? My god he really said that!

Damn was planning to get Crysis on my 360. Buying a new PC for only Crysis is so expensive that it will take quite some time to get the money for it.

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