PushSquare: Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood Review

PushSquare: "Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood is to the wild-west what Call Of Duty 4 was to modern warfare. It's a roller coaster ride of engaging characters, plot twists and action sequences. Juarez will have you hooked from the get-go."

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get2sammyb5473d ago

I'm putting it out there: I thought this game was absolutely brilliant.

jessehaysfl5473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

hell yeah I should have my copy sometime this morning....Can't wait.

Did you write the article?

-MD-5473d ago


Can't make it a normal 5/5?

get2sammyb5473d ago

You can take it as a 5/5 if you so desire.

J-Train5473d ago

im a very good chance to buy this

Tryst5473d ago

Yeah, its looking likely that I may pick up this game also.

get2sammyb5473d ago

If you can overlook some Wild West cliche (which doesn't really harm the game) you'll find a rather cinematic and engaging plot and game underneath.

There's quite a lot of replay value too.

-MD-5473d ago

I'll give it a shot through gamefly.

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