Europe-Nintendo: The Conduit Review

Europe-Nintendo writes "If you're looking for the Wii's definitive FPS, this isn't it."

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SinnedNogara5201d ago

Seems like it should have recieved a higher score.

Defectiv3_Detectiv35201d ago

Honestly, I don't see why they can't make a great FPS for the Wii, they are capable, just not willing.

Gesus5201d ago (Edited 5201d ago )

If you could develop a good FPS you'd rather do it for the 360 or PS3, for obvious reasons. The respect the team behind The Conduit quite a bit for choosing the Wii.

Syronicus5201d ago

Just do not sell on the Wii. Sure, great FPS's could be done ont he Wii but considering the crowd the Wii is aimed at, they will never be successful. Maybe if it was a Mario version of Doom or a Zelda version of Halo... Yeah, then maybe but I still doubt it.

akashifire5201d ago

This is the Wii's definitive FPS. ATM anyway. Why compare it to other consoles if you're going to be asking whether this is definitive for the Wii?

FinalomegaS5201d ago

Will save you guys from actually reading his trash and get straight to the point. Funny I do recall saying that when the review come in that we will see the word "generic" and this moron comparing it to "other consoles" just fails.

Now what category would the controls fall in? because is it's gameplay then giving it a 4 and then saying "+ Excellent controls" makes no sense.

Lasting Appeal

+ Superb graphics
+ Excellent controls
+ Decent multiplayer

- Poor Art Direction
- Wildly uneven difficulty
- Short single player campaign
- Bad storyline
- Generic

. Rent/Avoid


"The Conduit is a very disappointing game. The single player mode is poor at best, and while the multiplayer mode plays much better, it’s still not as good as many of the FPS offerings on other platforms. Two good things did come out of this game, though; the Quantum3 engine and the superb controls. The Conduit is worth a rental, but unless you’re absolutely desperate for some multiplayer shooting action and all you own is a Wii, then you can skip this one. Hopefully the imminent sequel will address this game’s issues."

this reviewer is just an epic fail.

Gesus5201d ago (Edited 5201d ago )

An FPS game is not exempt from any comparison... The Wii is fully capable of delivering decent graphics, etc, but the game just makes a mess of the genre. However I still think the game deserves a better score.

Also, it's funny how Wii fanboys will defend the game to the death.

Redempteur5201d ago

not a bad review ...
the conduit is a beautfull game but it's true that this design isn't for everyone ..ad it's also true that a good gameplay is necessary for a FPS ...
overall the multiplayer seems fun AND stable it might help some who wish some multiplayer fps action on the WII

heroicjanitor5201d ago (Edited 5201d ago )

The way you say that, it's like we have to assume the game is inherently worse just because it's a wii game...

Second, it's his opinion and I agree, it's faceless they tried as hard as they could for graphics and then didn't have anything but a basic shooting game when they were finished.

ChickeyCantor5201d ago

" Also, it's funny how Wii fanboys will defend the game to the death."

O boy, the memories of PS360 fans defending games that weren't even out yet. Yes to death.

Most people who defend this actually played it and think its a good game. It goes to show that reviews don't really matter.

phantomexe5201d ago

It's a great game and as far as controls go.It already defining fps on the wii.Red steal 2 is going to do the same thing the conduit did in the control.I'd say that defining.As far as the story gos and the offline play...Story is good but you have to look for it.Move radios around listen to whats going on in the city.The game is great and my friends love it too.The online is great guys beacuse we haven't had anything like this on the wii yet.There are people that just live online with this game it's that kickass.There know way they will ever be able to right off this game.If you play it,you will love it.I can't wait for you guys in europe to get a crack at it.

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Double Toasted5201d ago

Complain about in this game is the level design. It seems as though they spent most of their time with polishing up the look of the main character and the reload animations, which are now my favorite of any console game. With the sequal they'll have time to just beef up the character, story and most seemingly important right now, the level designs which were below average for the most part. I still would give the campaign an 8 and the online an 8.5-9.

Horny5201d ago (Edited 5201d ago )

I dont understand something. Why do Wii fanboys always compare the Wii to the other consoles when it comes to sales but when it comes to games they b!tch if its compared to ps3/360 games...?

Gesus5201d ago

Very good point you have there!

ChickeyCantor5201d ago

Don't go there, "b/tching" comes from all sides.

Horny5200d ago

I know sidar, I usually always agree with u besides the fact you just love the wii a bit more than me lol.