Review: Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood (Blend Games)

Even if you don't cotton to the multiplayer component, Bound in Blood is an entertaining tale of greed, betrayal, and bloodshed in the Wild West. It's rare that a first-person shooter's best quality is its story and while that might be a bit of a backhanded compliment, the fact is that Techland delivered an experience comparable to the Western films that the development team obviously adore.

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Xof4408d ago

Since when was "cotton" a verb?

Syronicus4408d ago

It's just poor grammar. People today drive me crazy when they try and use words like that in the wrong text. Sad rally, today's authors are walking the fine line between artistic and just plain stupidity.

Skerj4408d ago

–verb (used without object)
6. Informal. to get on well together; agree.
7. Obsolete. to prosper or succeed.
—Verb phrase
8. cotton to or on to, Informal.
a. to become fond of; begin to like.
b. to approve of; agree with: to cotton to a suggestion.
c. to come to a full understanding of; grasp: More and more firms are cottoning on to the advantages of using computers.

First time I've heard/read it in that context too so you're not alone. Learn something new every day. ..

EvilCackle4408d ago

Yep. It's grammatically correct though informal. Who knows at what point in history that word became a verb, though.

J-Train4408d ago

isnt it 'cotton on' which is typically used

bjornbear4408d ago

All in all not a bad review imo, interesting how the story element is its strongest element....FPS's + good story have been rare these recent days =(

EvilCackle4407d ago

Stay frosty, marines! *aliens attack*