Gaming's Biggest Rip-Offs

Ever felt fleeced by the video games industry? Just like in any other business, games publishers and console makers are in it to make money, and sometimes, they cross the line that splits a reasonable profit margin from a consumer-unfriendly rip-off. Everyone's got their favorite stories. These are mine.

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Bnet3434466d ago

An alright article. What do you expect from a movie game? It's a movie game, of course it's going to be short. Gaming biggest rip off this gen IMO easily goes to PAIN. I really want to kick the devs of that game in the balls for being such assholes. Crap game with nickel and diming at it's best.

Snake Raiser4466d ago

I'll agree with Nickle and dimeing. But a lot of people (like me) got PAIN for free with a coupon that came with some of the PS3 bundles. I actually enjoyed pain a bit, but it is not game that I would play for a long time. The trophies were BS.

Bnet3434465d ago

Snake Raiser I also got it free with my PS3.

FFXNo14465d ago

were is the 360 wi fi adapter and the HD replacement for the 360. How about halo reach (finish the fight!)

Conan-O-Brady4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

while I agree for the most part with all the examples , here is my number 1 .

Let me begin by saying this is a true story . Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent .

A few years ago I had a console wig out and start with the blinky blinky all in red . This couldn't have happened at a worse time , right before the launch of one the most anticipated sequel's of all time . It was the third in the series and i was stoked . Horrified at my predicament I contact the manufacture and plead my case . They tell me it just so happens that they have extended the warranty to cover this specific problem , and that they will replace my console , for free even . Within a week I not only have my game but my new console to play it on . The game was excellent as was the multiplayer .

Here's where it gets bad . While I'm enjoying this gaming masterpiece
I start getting the freeze's and crashes , OH NO ! I take a quick glance at the disc to see that it's clean and what do i find , A huge circular scratch so deep and ugly that it boggles the mind . I look thru the last few games i've played and they all have this same ugly scratch . Only the games i had been playing on the replacement unit were affected . My new system is trying to eat my games !

Well if they fixed it once surely they can do it again , NO DICE . This problem is not covered as it was probably caused by you moving the console while the game was still in it , was the reply I got . NO I DIDN'T , YES YOU DID , NO I DIDN'T !!! The manufacture is not budging on this one and it is gonna cost me to have them fix a faulty unit that they gave me in exchange for the first faulty unit .
this is where me and this company stopped doing business .

I almost got to finish the fight ...............

Sorry for the rant . Damn it feels good to finally get that off my chest ................

Serjikal_Strike4466d ago

could that company be Mi....... nah couldn't be

glad you got it off your chest tho

FamilyGuy4465d ago

It made me care about the main character and it taught a lesson with a very clear moral and kept the identities of all parties confidential.

I might read this as a bedtime story to my kids one day.

table4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Yeah that problem with the 360 was on UK's watchdog a few months ago. Microsoft insists that it is the fault of the consumer and that they scratched those perfect circles into the disc. Enough BS microsoft and give your customers a warranty over this.

Turns out it was caused by slight vibrations forcing the disc to move around i.e. when someone walks near your 360 it will get intimate with your discs.

SupaPlaya4465d ago

does it have any thing to do with the "Ring"?

Has it been 7 days yet??

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GEESE4466d ago

Street Fighter IV costumes anyone? Pay $$$ just to unlock data you already purchased...this is the way console games are going and it SUCKS BALLS.

Conan-O-Brady4466d ago

This to is one of the biggest rip offs in gaming . Multiplayer in RE5 is another that comes to mind . Even though they deny it .

Serjikal_Strike4465d ago

They come out with a new one every 6 months and they still put out weekly downloadable songs over psn or xbl.....why cant those songs be on the disc from the get go...this is why I will never buy another guitar hero game ever again..cuz its a ripoff!

waltercross4465d ago

Activision Milking the series Is whats thats called.
Bad business, but It works because people buy that stuff
over and over again.

cryymoar4465d ago

when you pay $200+ and the system scratches your discs and then it breaks.

-MD-4465d ago

Or when you pay 600+ and the system doesn't have any games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Paying 600+ to get sloppy seconds sh!t ports, text chat, dildo wand, lost exclusives, mandatory installs, and waiting till the end of the world for games... but there are plenty of Blu-ray movies to watch

Etseix4465d ago

[email protected]@

even if apena said that as a fanboy, hes true, and yet, hes talking about right now, not about 3 years ago like u on ur comment, live on the present.

jason [email protected]@

same, the ps3 dont cost 600$+ right now, i bought one at that price 2 years ago, yea it has sloopy seconds sh!t ports still, many ports dont sell well cuz it has more quality exclusives than sh!t ports, about the dildo ur asking for, its only a prototype i dont see why u think is the final product :S, and finally-waiting till the end fo the world for games? .... em ... i dont believe u just typed that,

lol ps3 may be a rip off .... YEARS AGO, today is a great console, dunno why people like to say bad things about it anyway, aaahhh.... the heaters, the heaters.....

cryymoar4465d ago

it's 2009!
NOT 2007!
Where the hell have you been?
under a rock waiting for your RRoD unit to come back in the mail?

I like how IGN had a blog about PS3 having statistically the better scoring games in 2008. 2009 seems to be following suit so far.

When it comes to shovelware, Wii comes first, then xb360. And that's not any sort of fanboy bias, that's the truth.

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makingdamage4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

To many multiplat this gen is to short to be worth the money. Just look at all the fps, they´re like 5 hours long. I find it harder and harder to choose which games to buy this gen because of this.

table4465d ago

games are no shorter than they were 10 or 15 years ago. This is just a popular misconception.

waltercross4465d ago

To much FPS, WAY to much.
Very Little RPGS, and true JRPG's are rare, and
the JRPGs that do come out are simple rehashes except
for a few, even the Wii do not have many good
quality JRPG's, and Thats NINTENDO.

Hurry up FF13 and WKC!, I Need a good RPG fix.
Rune Factory on the Wii is good but not a true JRPG.

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