Lair: Developer Walkthrough Part 3 and The Music of Lair

Here is the third developer walkthrough of Lair, looking at Dragon vs. Dragon combat, the strengths of the different attacks, and how it all ties into the leaderboards.

Also attached is a video about the music of Lair by the Hollywood composer John Debney.

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techie4264d ago

:o :0 :O at music in Lair...the production values are emmense. :O

Torch4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )'ve actually got me drooling.

EVERYTHING about this game is absolutely gorgeous! And the fantastic lighting...

More lightening, more lightening!!!

I'm just floored.

Fingers crossed that the gameplay will match suit.

VirtualGamer4264d ago

Hey Deeprambler, I am curious as to why you changed your name? Hope you don't mind me asking.

techie4264d ago

Lol. BORED. Every one will continue to call me deepbrown though I'm sure...bit of a personality here :)

Ps. did you notice that the sun was coming up in that vid...? Day and night cycle people :)

LSDARBY4264d ago

I like the music one, you never seem to realise how much work and effort goes into the music of games and films. Cant wait to play lair though its looking good.

tehcellownu4264d ago

Fight dragons and unlocking combos each time.It goin to be one hell of a fun game.Lair is goin to be AAA for sure..and music is so great..

VirtualGamer4264d ago

Yup the more I find out about Lair the more it becomes a must have game for me.

CAPS LOCK4264d ago

can someone forward me a link to the developer walkthrough part 1 and 2 i dont want to be missing something.

techie4264d ago

You've bloody missed them!? Those are the vids that made most in awe and said that this game is the most technically impressive this gen.

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